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Speak to any Scot and they will tell you that we are lovers of a guid dram, a wee sweetie, the best of beef, seafood and lamb, and the finest fruit and veg. We'll also lay claim to world-class produce and being the best soup makers on the planet!

It i slittle surprise then that Scotland is renowned for its abundance of high quality, delicious food and drink, and this is largely down to our seasonal climate - yes, I really did say climate!

Rich agricultural land is one of the main reasons our produce is so highly sought after and I say that as a farmer's daughter. Those rolling, rural hillsides, clear coastal waters and lush, fertile lands, give us some of the best natural produce in the world. 

Couple this with a passionate and innovative band of artisan producers - we are famed for our creative and inventive minds us Scots - and you will begin to see why these claims are so very well deserved.

Here at Provender Brown we are committed to providing small, local suppliers and hard-working artisans a platform and shop front for their amazing produce. Which means, of course, that all of you, our lovely customers, can access the very best our small country has to offer.  We hope you enjoy!

Protected Geographical Indication

Some Scottish produce is considered so unique that it’s been designated Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) by the European Union.

These high-quality items must be produced in an agreed way and within a specific area to be able to make use of the regional name. So when you taste products such as Stornoway Black Pudding, Traditional Ayrshire Dunlop cheese, Orkney Scottish Island Cheddar and Scottish Wild Salmon, you know it’s the real deal.

And we are proud to stock them all! 

Katy Rodgers talks us through the processes involved in producing her wonderful yoghurt, think creamy creme fraiche and Crowdie from milking the cows in the morning to creating the finished product by hand.