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The Deli Counter

A well-stocked deli counter is a thing of foodie dreams and here in Perth, Scotland, Provender Brown has built one of the best! Our seriously good cheese selection takes you from the North of Scotland to the tip of Cornwall and into the artisan specialists of the continent – and that’s just for starters. Charcuterie sliced to order includes hams from Puddledub Pork in Fife, Serrano ham from Spain, San Daniele ham from Italy and so much more. These sit alongside fresh pates from Patchwork Foods and the most amazing scotch eggs from Scotch & Co, gourmet pies and sausage rolls, a fabulous assortment of olives, tomorosso tomatoes and balsamic soaked onions. Food of the Gods indeed!

We hand-make our own range of mini quiches right here in our Provender Brown kitchen.
Using fresh ingredients from the deli including cheeses and hams, veg from local farms and award-winning chutneys, Martine has created a delicious repertoire of recipes.

As well as the fresh deli counter we also stock a superb selection of speciality prepacked meats, fish, antipasti, pates and dairy in our standing chill.

Supplied by some of Scotland and the UK’s most-loved artisans you will find smoked salmon from Inverawe, Puddledub bacon and sausages, Stornoway black pudding from Charles Macleod, fresh hummus and dips from The Little Herb Farm, yoghurts and crème fraiche from Katy Rodger’s Dairy, as well as speciality fresh items such as kimchi and sauerkraut. And for a luxury dessert to finish things off make sure to pick up a Cartmel sticky toffee pudding!

Frequently Asked Deli Questions

Where can I buy authentic Smoked Salmon?

Provender Brown stocks the award-winning Inverawe Smoked Salmon which is pre-packed and available in 100gms or 200gms, with larger packs available at Christmas. They also do smoked trout which is just delicious and a great alternative – or addition – to salmon. We can order a side of smoked salmon for special occasions – please contact Diane directly to arrange this:

If you are a smoked salmon lover, you might also enjoy some of our Scottish Smoked meats from the Taste Accredited people at Rannoch Smokery. Smoked duck, smoked venison and smoked chicken from quality Scottish suppliers are an excellent choice for a quick supper, lunch or as part of a buffet or party grazing table.

What makes Stornoway Black pudding so good – and does it live up to its hype?

Made exclusively in Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis, this world famous black pudding was granted protected status by the European Union in 2013 after years of protest about imposters! It was granted a PGI - Protected Geographical Indicator of Origin - which ensured that any butchers or producers outside of Stornoway could no longer use the label.

Perhaps the most famous of the accredited producers is Charles MacLeod Butchers and here at Provender Brown we are proud to stock this world-class brand. It has been awarded no fewer than six Great Taste awards by the Guild of Fine Food.

Made to the original 70 year old recipe, the only ingredients in Stornoway black pudding are beef suet, oatmeal, onion, blood, salt and pepper. Unusually, whilst most black puddings are made from pig blood, the Stornoway version can be made from sheep, cow or pig blood.
There are no artificial colours, flavours, bulking agents or preservatives in the product.

Does it live up to its hype? I would say most definitely! Serve it with Puddledub bacon and sausages, a free-range farm egg (we sell those too!) and some fresh bread from Wild Hearth for a breakfast of kings!

Do you offer ready meals or quick and easy lunches or dinners?

Absolutely! We stock local favourite, Praveen Kumar's frozen curries, that were recently accredited in the Guild of Fine Food Great Taste Awards! It was one star each for their Kodi Koora and their Butter Chicken.

I’m also a fan of the Diforti and Delfi ranges; both offer fabulous little pots of ready-made salad ingredients and dips that can be used on their own as a grazing option or added to cold meats and smoked fish to make a hearty lunch. Just add a nice piece of cheese – try the Burrata – and some fresh bread or oatcakes and you’re good to go. Perfect for watching in front of weekend telly with a nice bottle of wine or a large gin.

Fresh, ready-made soups come courtesy of Yorkshire Provender and we offer a number of tasty flavours varying with the seasons. All are produced in small batches and are made with simple, natural ingredients.  They're just as you would make them at home, with no added sugar or thickeners.

On soup, it may have taken a wee while for us Scots to appreciate that a soup can be served chilled rather than piping hot and extra thick but enthusiasm for Gazpacho has grown and our ready-made brand comes from Brindisa, an authentic Spanish producer who we rate highly.

See also our Pantry section where we have ready-made sauces for pasta, as well as Thai, Indian and North African dishes.

How do I know how much charcuterie or smoked meat I need for my grazing table or buffet?

This is one of those questions that I often feel I need to answer with a question!  Some things to consider are:

Are you serving your charcuterie alongside more hearty dishes or will it be the main star of a grazing table or buffet?  Do you have cheese and other accompaniements being served alongside your charcuterie? And most importantly, how are hungry are your friends likely to be?

As a rough rule I'd serve approximately 50g per person on a mixed board - see our Cheese Shop page for info on cheese - unless the charcuterie is the main attraction at which point you can double up to 100g and serve it with bread, crackers and olives. 

Tips For Building A Grazing Board or Charcuterie and Cheese Board

  • Mix up the flavours and textures. Go for a hard salami, a soft, rich pâté and perhaps something spicy or tangy like a European sausage. I'd also have serve both hot smoked and cold smoked salmon or trout - but make sure they're on their own serving dish!
  • Add antipasti and condiments. Olives are a must but you should also try nuts for crunch, stuffed mini peppers and of course, plenty of saurkraut or pickles.  I also like to have a fresh dip and two or three mixed chutneys to cater for different tastes.  See our Chilled Antipast and Olives selection and also our Pantry Shop for pickles, gourmet meats and pates with longer shelflife.
  • Serve at room temparature. We will slice your meats in the deli meaning all you need to do is lay it up on the plate and serve at room temparature. Take it out of the fridge at least an hour before you serve. Get Slicing
  • Bread or No Bread? I'd always serve it with fresh bread, oatcakes or a selection of savoury biscuits and crackers. If you have a day old sourdough then toast it gently and drizzle with olive oil. I could eat that right now!

You can order cheeses, pates and charcuterie here on the website in multiples of 200g. Olives and antipasti - a tasty accompaniment are sold in 150g multiples.

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