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Edradour 10 YO Single Malt Whisky

Edradour 10 YO Single Malt Whisky 20cl

The ten year old Edradour is handmade and one of the last Single Malt Whiskies from a traditional farm distillery still in prod...

Out of Stock
Olives et Al Jalapeno Stuffed Olives

Olives et Al Jalapeno Stuffed Olives 250g jar

Olives stuffed with Jalapeño Chillies in brine & Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Chilli. Colossal Greek Green Olives hand stuffed w...

DetailsVegan *
Blasta Bar Apricot & Peach

Blasta Bar Apricot & Peach 45g

DetailsScottish October21 False
Odysea Aubergine Meze

Odysea Aubergine Meze 220g

Odysea Aubergine Meze is based on the traditional Greek recipe - Melitzanosalata. Ideal as an appetiser, dip or spread.

DetailsGreek Vegan *
Bourtree Three Fruit Marmalade

Bourtree Three Fruit Marmalade 227g

A beautiful marmalade, full of zest! a treat for anytime of the day. No additives, colour, preservatives or gelling agents. Del...

DetailsPerthshire False
Out of Stock
Peter's Yard Large Sourdough Cripbread

Peter's Yard Large Sourdough Cripbread 350g boxed

These crispbreads are inspired by Sweden, the home of crispbread. They are made with simple, natural ingredients including orga...

DetailsBritish False
Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic

Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic 500ml

By blending the essential oils from the flowers, fruits and herbs that we have gathered from around the Mediterranean shores wi...

DetailsBritish False
Out of Stock
Littles Christmas Coffee

Littles Christmas Coffee 50g

Super high quality Arabica coffee infused with the festive flavours of orange, brandy, cinnamon and vanilla. If Santa were to d...

DetailsBritish Christmas Gluten Free * Vegetarian * Lactose Free * False
Mandarine Napoleon Liqueur

Mandarine Napoleon Liqueur 70cl

Mandarine Napoléon is a cognac-based liqueur infused with mandarin. It is complex, rich and full-bodied, perfect for discerning...

Gilt Gin

Gilt Gin 70cl

GILT's signature is the light citrus botanicals which enhance its pedigree. It has the balance and fine flavour that meets...

Out of Stock
Black Forest Cherry Heart

Black Forest Cherry Heart 31g

DetailsChristmas German Gift November21 False
Out of Stock
Whispering Angel Rose 2020

Whispering Angel Rose 2020 75cl

Whispering Angel

Whispering Angel is today’s worldwide reference for Provence rosé. Ma...

DetailsFrench July21 False
Scruffy Dog Original Cider

Scruffy Dog Original Cider 500ml

Medium sweet cider made with apples from Scotland & Herefordshire

DetailsGluten Free * Vegan * Vegetarian * Perthshire Cider False
Out of Stock
Wee Comrie

Wee Comrie

The Wee Comrie, created November 2017, is a mellow cheese with a buttery taste and aroma. It has a natural rind formed after...

DetailsVegetarian * Pasteurised * Perthshire Cow False
Out of Stock
Massenez Creme de Framboise

Massenez Creme de Framboise 70cl

Raspberry, a feminine fruit par excellence, is delicately unveiled in the Massenez Raspberry Crème. A delicate fruit that comes...

DetailsFrench False

* Please Note

Products are tagged with dietary requirements (gluten free etc) only where labelled as such by the manufacturer.  Every effort has been made to ensure that products are tagged correctly but mistakes can be made and ingredients changed without our knowledge.  Please do check the product labels on receipt.  In terms of products sold loose from the deli counter, the shop handles many allergens and while we endeavour to avoid cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee that anything will be free of allergens. 

We are working on adding allergen information to individual products .  In the meantime, if you require specific information on a product, please contact us