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Aberfeldy Single Malt Whisky

Aberfeldy Single Malt Whisky 12 YO - 70cl

Out of Stock
Mulled elderberry Wine

Mulled elderberry Wine 75cl

Rich and fruity, dark and delicious.  Our Elderberry wine is made from berries picked from the wild elderberry bushes that deco...

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Anchovy Sauce

Anchovy Sauce 190ml

BRITISH: Geo Watkins has been a British favourite since 1830 ORIGINAL: our Anchovy Sauce is THE original  VERSATILE: this is wh...

Sarah Gray's McCoo Festive Gift Pack

Sarah Gray's McCoo Festive Gift Pack 3 x 120g

DetailsChristmas Scottish October21
FCC Apricot, Pistachio Sunflower Toasts

FCC Apricot, Pistachio Sunflower Toasts 100g

‘Toast’ is oh so thin, light and crisp, but what makes it unique is that around 55% of the cracker is composed of fruits, nuts ...

DetailsBritish Vegetarian *
Miller's Elements Earth Crackers

Miller's Elements Earth Crackers 100g

We sourced potatoes to create a cracker base as friable as earth itself, with a texture that first crumbles then melts in the m...

Brodies Green Tea Lemon Tea Bags

Brodies Green Tea Lemon Tea Bags Box of 20

Pure sencha green tea from China has been blended with lemon to create a truly refreshing tea.  The delicate taste of green tea...

Mermaid Original Gin

Mermaid Original Gin 70cl

DetailsBritish Gift
Georgie Porgie Cointreau Orange Pudding

Georgie Porgie Cointreau Orange Pudding 454g (serves 3-4)

Strawberry Sparkling Wine

Strawberry Sparkling Wine

A towering inferno of swirling, ting-tangling strawberry fizz that rolls away like a fluffy cloud caught in a light, summer’s d...

El Coto Rioja Crianza

El Coto Rioja Crianza 75cl

The grapes for this wine are sourced mainly from Rioja Alavesa. A fresh and concentrated wine with a core of red and black frui...


Ricotta 250g

Out of Stock
D&A Himalayan Pink Salt Mill

D&A Himalayan Pink Salt Mill 90g

Pink salt is characterized by a delicate taste and a fragrant texture. It is handcrafted in Pakistani mines, on the slopes of t...

C&W Pink Champagne Truffles

C&W Pink Champagne Truffles 275g (double layer)

A beautiful double layer gift box filled with iconic Pink Marc de Champagne chocolate Truffles. A luxurious white chocolate tru...

DetailsBritish Valentines Mothers Day
Dr Adam's Brazilian Bitters

Dr Adam's Brazilian Bitters 10cl

Nose: Complex vanilla, almond, cherry, smoke and cracked peppercorns. Taste: Warm baking spice, clove, and tonka with hints of ...

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* Please Note

Products are tagged with dietary requirements (gluten free etc) only where labelled as such by the manufacturer.  Every effort has been made to ensure that products are tagged correctly but mistakes can be made and ingredients changed without our knowledge.  Please do check the product labels on receipt.  In terms of products sold loose from the deli counter, the shop handles many allergens and while we endeavour to avoid cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee that anything will be free of allergens. 

We are working on adding allergen information to individual products .  In the meantime, if you require specific information on a product, please contact us