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Fentimans Tonic

Fentimans Tonic 4 x 200ml

The world’s first botanically brewed tonic water is made with a blend of herbal infusions and lemongrass extract which creates ...

Tracklements Crabapple Jelly

Tracklements Crabapple Jelly 250g

Our local community and school children from Sherston School help us pick crabapples for this rich, fruity jelly and 25p for ea...

DetailsBritish Gluten Free * Vegan * Vegetarian *
Moose Maple Butter

Moose Maple Butter 150g

Moose Maple Butter is delicious simply slathered really liberally over hot toasted sourdough bread or just melting into a hot c...

Nevis Dundee Cake

Nevis Dundee Cake 360g

Made using fresh orange rind, juices & butter topped with flaked almonds. Beautifully moist.

Franz Haas Manna Schweizer 2014

Franz Haas Manna Schweizer 2014 75cl

DetailsVegan * Vegetarian *
San Pellegrino Sparkling Water

San Pellegrino Sparkling Water 6 x 250ml

Steenbergs Lavendar

Steenbergs Lavendar 15g

Steenbergs Organic Lavender adds some colour to your cuisine and is great for home crafting.  The delicate purple flowers of or...

Westray Beremeal Crackers

Westray Beremeal Crackers

Crackers made with a distinctive flavour which comes from the Beremeal, a flour stone ground in the Barony Mill from an Ancient...

DetailsScottish Vegetarian *
Chipotle Paste

Chipotle Paste 100g

Hot & smoky Chipotle Cooking Paste. Chipotles are smoke-dried jalapeño peppers popular in Latin American cooking. A delicious b...

Hazar Baba Rose Petal Turkish Delight

Hazar Baba Rose Petal Turkish Delight 250g

DetailsGluten Free * Vegan * Vegetarian *
Blue Dragon Coconut Milk 400ml

Blue Dragon Coconut Milk 400ml 400ml

Blue Dragon Coconut Milk is made from carefully selected ripe coconuts. Coconut Milk can be added to hot curries to reduce thei...

DetailsVegan * Vegetarian *
Steenbergs Rose Water

Steenbergs Rose Water 100ml

Steenbergs Organic Rose Water is one of my favourite Steenbergs products - Axel Steenberg writing here - and it reminds me of m...

Gin Bothy Raspberry Gin Liqueur

Gin Bothy Raspberry Gin Liqueur 5cl mini

Our first fruit infused Scottish gin.  Gin Bothy Raspberry liqueur is created using our very special Gin Bothy spirit with adde...

Shortbread House Original Shortbread

Shortbread House Original Shortbread 140g tin

Each tin contains seven round original shortbread biscuits, sealed in a bag within the tin. This recipe has been treasured and ...

DetailsScottish Vegetarian *
Wild Boar Ragout

Wild Boar Ragout 180g

Best quality boar meat, prepared with ingredients that do not contain preservatives and using the craftsmanship methods of days...


* Please Note

Products are tagged with dietary requirements (gluten free etc) only where labelled as such by the manufacturer.  Every effort has been made to ensure that products are tagged correctly but mistakes can be made and ingredients changed without our knowledge.  Please do check the product labels on receipt.  In terms of products sold loose from the deli counter, the shop handles many allergens and while we endeavour to avoid cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee that anything will be free of allergens. 

We are working on adding allergen information to individual products .  In the meantime, if you require specific information on a product, please contact us