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Paella Pan

Paella Pan 2 person

Spain's most famous rice dish, paella, is named after the pan in which it is cooked whose name, in turn, is derived from p...

DetailsSpanish August 22
Cookielicious Mini Bunnies Cookies

Cookielicious Mini Bunnies Cookies 41g

DetailsBritish Easter Spring 24
Out of Stock
Glaswegin Original Gin

Glaswegin Original Gin 70cl

Bottled and distilled in an artisan still in the heart of Glasgow, our Scottish craft gin features a unique blend of gin botani...

DetailsScottish Scottish Drink
Praveen Kumar Chicken Korma

Praveen Kumar Chicken Korma 350g FROZEN

This is our take on a classic Chicken Korma. Navarathan means “nine jewels” – a mix of 9 varieties of dry fruits and nuts. M...

DetailsPerthshire Dairy Free * Lactose Free * Scottish Food
Shropshire Herb & Garlic Breadcrumbs

Shropshire Herb & Garlic Breadcrumbs 100g

Italian Herb & Garlic Ciabatta Breadcrumbs can be used with any meats, vegetables or pasta dishes.

Provender Brown Small Cool Bag

Provender Brown Small Cool Bag

Just So Italian Mixed Olives

Just So Italian Mixed Olives 180g

DetailsItalian Gluten Free *
Opies Green Peppercorns in Brine

Opies Green Peppercorns in Brine 115g

Our green peppercorns are the unripened fruits of the peppercorn plant - Piper Nigrum. If left to mature and dried they would t...

Farnese Edizione Cinque Autoctoni

Farnese Edizione Cinque Autoctoni 75cl

Grapes for this red are sourced from Abruzzo and Puglia, creating perfumes of intense fruit character, blackberry and cherry...

DetailsItalian Vegan * Vegetarian * Fathers Day
Steenbergs Brown Mustard Seed

Steenbergs Brown Mustard Seed standard

Steenbergs organic brown mustard seeds are smaller and hotter than its relative the yellow mustard seeds. Steenbergs organic br...

Heilan Coo Shiraz Mataro

Heilan Coo Shiraz Mataro 75cl

DetailsNew World July21
Steenbergs Cream of Tartar

Steenbergs Cream of Tartar 70g

Cream Of Tartar is a baking ingredient that is used sometimes used as the acidic ingredient in some brands of baking powder, as...

Hawkens Grantham Gingerbread

Hawkens Grantham Gingerbread 115g box

DetailsBritish Spring 23
Out of Stock
G D Vajra Barbera d'Alba

G D Vajra Barbera d'Alba

Vajra's Barbera d’Alba comes from grapes grown on ancient soils, traced to three different geological ages: Tortonian, Ser...

DetailsItalian Organic * Vegan * Vegetarian *
Lunardi Chocolate Cantucci

Lunardi Chocolate Cantucci 200g

These are large rustic-looking biscuits from Lunardi who are based in Prato, Tuscany. Available in a variety of flavours: almon...

DetailsItalian Christmas November 22
Out of Stock

* Please Note

Products are tagged with dietary requirements (gluten free etc) only where labelled as such by the manufacturer.  Every effort has been made to ensure that products are tagged correctly but mistakes can be made and ingredients changed without our knowledge.  Please do check the product labels on receipt.  In terms of products sold loose from the deli counter, the shop handles many allergens and while we endeavour to avoid cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee that anything will be free of allergens. 

We are working on adding allergen information to individual products .  In the meantime, if you require specific information on a product, please contact us