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Finding a supplier of fresh, great tasting bread is trickier than you might think! Logistically, it is really difficult for artisan bakers to supply fresh bread and rolls to delis and farms shops across Scotland, at a price that customers are happy to pay. Imagine then, how happy I was to find the wonderful Wild Hearth Bakery from just down the road in Comrie, Perthshire. Everything they do is for the pleasure of real baking – natural, nourishing and delicious – and you can taste it in every bite. As well as delicious bread and rolls, we offer home baked cakes and traybakes from Hazelnut Catering. Hazel is a long-time friend of Provender Brown and we were delighted to join her very short and exclusive list of stockists!

Homebaking is always a real treat but we know that practically you always need some tasty baked goods to pop in the cupboard! We have a superb choice of oatcakes, biscuits, crackers and more from producers across Scotland and the UK.

The simple enjoyment of a cuppa and a wee biscuit is hard to beat, and here at Provender Brown we've tracked down some of the sweetest treats around.  For a proper Scottish tea break, you need a beautifully packaged tin from Shortbread House of Edinburgh - with Brodies breakfast blend to wash them down of course. 

For delicate flavour and refinement, try Anna's Thins, the original Swedish ginger thin, made under Royal Warrant to the King of Sweden.  If ginger isn't your thing, then try their almond or orange flavours. Divine!

Of course, we love a good story to go with our cuppa and one of our favourites is the tale of how Island Bakery was born.  Joe & Dawn Reade were young graduates when they started baking bread in a converted garage in Tobermory in 1994.

Two years later they bought a shop on Tobermory’s colourful Main Street and it was through stocking this that Dawn realised there was a gap in the market for tempting organic biscuits. The rest, as they say, is history and since their launch in 2001 Island Bakery organic biscuits have picked up several Great Taste awards and scooped an Organic Food award. 

Whether it's a savoury biscuit for cheese, nibbles to serve with drinks or a sweet pastry to enjoy with a coffee, here at Provender Brown you're sure to discover your new favourite treat.


Frequently Asked Bakery Questions

What makes Wild Hearth bread and pastries so good?

Wild Hearth is a wood-fired artisan bakery dedicated to the world of natural sourdough. Their  breads and pastries are slowly and carefully created by hand from organic flours and wild “starters” for the optimum depth of flavour, balance and lightness.

In fact, apart from baguette and ciabatta where they use a tiny amount of baker’s yeast in addition to sourdough, everything they make is sourdough.

They don’t take shortcuts. Their wood-fired oven takes 12 hours to fire from cold and their starters ripen for around 16 hours before they mix their doughs – doughs which rise on average for seven hours before being baked.

Where can I buy authentic Scottish oatcakes?

Provender Brown stocks a number of authentic Scottish oatcakes, inlcuding the famous Adamsons Oatcake from Fife, Perthshire Oatcakes complete range and Your Piece - also Fife. These are all small-batch produced by hand and follow traditional recipes to give you a truly great oatcake worthy of a generous chunk of Scottish cheese and a large dollop of chutney.

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