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Fermentation, take a bow. Your crowning moment in the foodie spotlight has finally arrived! Anyone who regularly reads food mags and recipe blogs would be forgiven for thinking that the recent superfood parade that has been rolled out for fermented foods is yet another culinary trend dreamt up to make the #InstaCooks look clever. Not so! This time round the scientists are backing up the benefits and encouraging us all to go out and grow ourselves some good-gut bacteria.

Leaving the potential health benefits to one side, fermented foods are just plain delicious. Products that contain healthy bacteria such as yoghurt drinks and sauerkraut have been on our shelves for decades but as artisans push back their culinary borders, we’re beginning to see products such as miso, kimchi and kombucha join the ranks at Provender Brown.

Try Our Top Five Fermented Foods

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  • Wild Hearth Sour Dough Bread - see below
  • Katy Rodgers Gooseberry Yoghurt 
  • Buddys Lemon & Ginger Kombucha 
  • Clearspring Organic Japanese White Miso >
  • Willy's Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother >

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