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The Whisky Cellar Special Edition Heritage Brands

A selection of new products with a very prestigious Perthshire history


We are delighted to be bringing you a selection of new products with a very prestigious Perthshire history from our friends at The Whisky Cellar. These bottles will be available this month and are special limited edition bottlings, making them the perfect gift for lovers of whisky, brandy, rum or port.

Brig O' Perth Blair Athol Single Cask Malt Whisky £85

Brig O' Perth was first blended and bottled by famed local wine merchant and grocer, Matthew Gloag & Son in early 1896. The first still was located in the basement of their shop at 20-24 Atholl Street in Perth and this blend became their first “house blended Scotch” some 9 months before the company’s Famous Grouse brand appeared.

It quickly achieved local, and wider, acclaim and was distributed as the whisky of choice to Royal gatherings and high society parties right across the county of Perthshire. In fact, the Duke of Atholl at Blair Castle was one of Gloag’s largest customers!  However, the brand fell out of fashion and was bottled only sporadically through the late 1900s and was eventually acquired by The Whisky Cellar as their in-house Blended Scotch and occasional Single Cask bottling label.

The first of these single cask bottlings is a truly unique single cask of Blair Athol 2011 (11 years old) which has been finished in an Antique Sherry Wine Cask of ‘Vino de Color’. ‘Vino de Color’ is one of the oldest Sherry Wines of Spain and this cask – around 150 years old – is believed to be one of the few remaining to have contained the highly concentrated syrupy, dark, rich unfermented Pedro Ximenez grape juice and Dark Sherry mix, producing a single malt whisky described as Christmas in a glass. 

Due in mid-November but quantities will be limited so get in touch to reserve now.


Some of our older customers may remember the Pintail brand. It was first bottled in 1931 as Matthew Gloag’s house brand of Dry Sherry and soon won international awards for its superior quality. Featured in Tatler magazine in 1935 – “You cannot be wrong in offering a glass of ‘Pintail’ to your guest for the little '11 o’clock' and before or after meals”.

The downturn in Sherry consumption in the latter half of the 20th century signalled the end for the brand, that is, until The Whisky Cellar acquired the rights in 2021, lining it up once again with its old ‘Brig O’ Perth’ stablemate.  This time round the brand is being used for an outstanding 2017 Late Bottled Vintage Port, a 1993 (27 Year Old) "Fine Old French Brandy", and a Single Origin XO Panama Rum.  The port and brandy are due with us this week and the rum by the middle of the month.

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Brig O’Perth Blair Athol Cask Single Malt Whisky 
Pintail XO Single Origin Rum 2008 
Pintail Fine Old French Brandy 1993 
Pintail 2017 Late Bottled Vintage Port