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Rookery Spruce Mead

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Zesty and delicate with lots of honeydew melon flavour. Peaty and earthy to the end. Made with hand-picked spruce tips from a local estate, this mead is light and delicate with citrus notes and a strong sense of honey-dew melon.  The ending is gently peaty, evocative of a whisky, but much smoother. The spruce tips are picked seasonally, and the harvest is only available for a couple of weeks in May.  Inspired by the Sami of northern Scandinavia, spruce is an excellent wild food and it has been used as a food and in shamanic rites back into pre-history. Serve chilled. Try with ginger ale or tonic water for a long drink and it goes well with a measure of either whisky or gin added.  Sloe gin and Spruce Mead is an especially good cocktail to try. No sulphites, sugars or syrups are used…ever!



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