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Cheese and Wine Pairings

When it comes to foodie marriages made in heaven, there is very little that beats the delectable pairing of Cheese and Wine.


When it comes to foodie marriages made in heaven, there is very little that beats the delectable pairing of Cheese and Wine. Relaxed yet refined, simple yet iconic, you can whip it up in less time than it takes to say ‘Red or White?’ and somehow feel as though you’ve pulled together a culinary masterpiece.

What other foodie combination can offer so much? Friends round for a chat? Perfect end to a meal? Tucking into on your own while lying on the sofa in front of Netflix? Cheese and wine is the answer to them all!

Of course, like all good food marriages there are the easy, everyday combos and then there are the game changing pairings that elevate things to another level. We’re here to teach you some simple tricks to up your cheese and wine game.

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Flavour, Texture, Intensity – The Perfect Trinity of Cheese & Wine

Matching any food with wine is all about balancing flavours, textures and intensity. From the salt to the fat, the acidity to the tannins, and the texture to the ripeness – get the mix right and you’ll have hit the culinary jackpot.

Arguably, I’ve never met a cheese and wine combo that I didn’t like, but there is a degree of science behind why some wines go better with some cheeses. We’ve pulled together a little run down of what to look out for so you can maximise your flavours.


Think about balance when it comes to intensity of flavours. So for instance, a strong blue cheese will quickly overpower a delicate white wine. And a big, meaty red would be all wrong for a mild ricotta.


Cheese texture depends on what animal produced the milk, the style of cheese and its age. Young, fresh, cheeses are often soft, suiting a lighter wine, while hard cheeses have more bite and need a drink to match.


Cheeses become bolder and more complex as they age – much like a fine wine! Robust tannins will counter an aged cheese well and round out the whole expereince.

If you're unsure, think local. The best pairings will have their origins in culture and the flavours of the region. For example, a crisp, French rose will always taste delicious paired with the cheese from the dairy along the road.

cheese adn winecheese adn wine
cheese adn wine

Diane's Perfect Cheese Boards For Her Favourite Wines

When I started researching this blog I discovered lots of ideas marrying up specific wines with specific cheeses. However, it seems unlikely that anyone would open a different bottle of wine for every cheese on the board!

And so I did the honourable thing and spent a very lovely Saturday evening in with several wines and a very large plate of cheese in order to bring you my personal choices for creating a full cheeseboard to pair with your favourite wines. I've sugegsted 

Sparkling Wines

Build a cheese board from:

Brie de Meaux Camembert Delice de Bourgogne Brillat Savarin Gruyere Roquefort Chevre Buche  Brebirousse d’Argental Godminster Organic Cheddar 

Light-bodied Whites

Build a cheese board from:

Somerset Brie Anster Wensleydale Selle sur Cher Ailsa Craig Wee Comrie Lady Mary’s Bairn (when young), Cornish Yarg Ossau Iraty Corra Linn Dorset Red

Medium/Full-bodied Whites

Build a cheese board from:

Emmental Gruyere Comte Old Amsterdam Alp Blossom Brie de Meaux Goat Gouda Landana Rosso Montagnolo Stilton Brillat Savarin

Aromatic & Off-Dry Whites

Build a cheese board from:

Munster Morbier Raclette Taleggio Minger Fat Cow Jarlsberg Montagnolo Cashel Blue Tomme Lincolnshire Poacher

Light-bodied Reds

Build a cheese board from:

Comte Emmental Gouda Manchego Epoisse Taleggio Reblochon Jarlsberg Montagnolo Minger Chaumes Gorgonzola Dolcificato Rainton Tomme

Medium/full-bodied red

Build a cheese board from:

Pitchfork cheddar Mull cheddar Villarejo manchego Pecorino Romano Parmigiano Reggiano Applewood Smoked Cheddar Epoisse Mahon Stinking Bishop Roquefort Cave-Aged Gruyere Carrick Lincolnshire Poacher

Sweet & Fortified

Build a cheese board from:

Colston Basset Stilton Roquefort Lanark Blue Valdeon Picos Blue Villarejo Manchego Old Amsterdam Appenzeller Godminster Organic Cheddar St Andrews Cheddar Cave-Aged Gruyere

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