Provender Brown Perth Deli

Quick And Impressive Nibbles

Impress your guests and your tastebuds without slaving over a hot canape tray.

We are all huge fans of cooking here at PB but there are times when you just want to ditch the pinny and join in the buzz of the party.  Forget piping perfect peaks into tiny handmade pastry cases, what you need is a quick-to-assemble and impressive-to-taste party canape.  

Easy Styling For Creative Canapes

The best way we've found to pull off the lazy host's WOW factor is to bring a little flourish to the serve. Use a brightly coloured dish for those olives and serve with Posh Pricks on the side. Or pour your crisps straight into a rustic wooden bowl with little napkins on the side.

Snacks for Munching On The Sofa  

Of course the flip side of this is that sometimes you want more than a giant family sized bag of crisps while you're lounging on the sofa binging box sets on Netflix. In this instance we recommend doing exactly the same nibbles and treating yourself to a little sophistication while you gasp into your wine at the latest fabulous female villain.

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Utterly Effortless Nibbles for Drinks

Open a pack and tip them onto a plate or into a bowl. Job done!

Quick To Prepare Nibbles & Canapes

These need a little more effort - although still not much!