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April 22 April 22 April 22

April 22

April 22

It really does feel like spring now doesn't it? So much so that I've been thinking about what my favourite garden drink might be this year - and then as if by magic four new gins arrived and I'm spoiled for choice! 

I also received a phone call last week to tell me that the first of the strawberries will be in this month. Targetted to land on 18th April, I'm sure you'll agree a punnet full of Scottish berries is always a sign of good things to come.  And of course, that is also Easter Monday so a nice portion of five a day will be just what I need after a weekend of Booja Booja eggs! 

This month is also national 'Stop Food Waste Day' on 28th April. This is a personal passion of everyone here at Provender Brown and a few months ago we ran a blog offering top tips on how to save more and waste less. You'll find it over on the website if you'd like some help in this area. Food Storage for Leftovers.

NEW: Pantry Essentials & Seasonal Favourites

  • Trotters Wild Garlic Pesto (always a seasonal favourite)
  • Folkington Juices
  • Free & Easy canned soups
  • Foresta Chanterelle Forest Mushrooms
  • Clearspring Organi Japanese Brown Miso
  • Praveen Kumar Lamb Rogan Josh
  • East Coast Salamis
  • Gran Pavesi Sfoglie - delicious little baked savoury crackers
  • Sweet Italian biscuits from Molino Bianco

NEW: Scottish Gins

  • eeNoo Scottish Gin
  • Tyree Gin
  • Barra Atlantic Gin
  • Fidra Scottish Coastal Gin

NEW: Cheeses

  • Cambozola Grand Noir
  • Allerdale Goats Cheese
  • Perl Wen
  • Fowlers Sage Derby

Created with 17 carefully selected botanicals, Barra Atlantic Gin is the Carrageen Seaweed that makes our gin stand out. Each piece of our key botanical is hand-harvested from the shores that surround our Island home, creating a bold flavour, rich in maritime notes.