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Food Storage For Leftovers To Prevent Waste

We’ve been thinking of ways we can help reduce food waste, saving both planet and pounds in process. Enter beeswax wraps and mini cool bags from PB!


We are very conscious about food waste here in Provender Brown and we know from chatting to all of you that this is a subject close to your hearts. As a result, we’ve been thinking of ways we can help our customers reduce their waste, saving both planet and pounds in process.

One of the main reasons for waste is leftovers. 31% (worth £4.1 billion) of all food thrown out in our homes was classified as ‘cooked, prepared or served too much’: this included food and drink that had been left over after preparation or serving.

That is approximately 6.5kg of unwanted food each week per household with six in ten families scraping leftovers into the bin. And I think even with the best of intentions, many of us are a little guilty of exactly this.

What Causes Food Waste?

The people at have researched the problem and examples of behaviour in the home which contribute to the issue of food waste include:

  • Lack of knowledge around portions.
  • Lack of knowledge of how to prepare food and how to cook.
  • A lack of confidence in the kitchen and more specifically about what to do with leftovers and forgotten foods.
  • People are unclear about dates such as display until, use by and best before. Nearly half of us throw away at least one product a week because they've 'gone past their date'.
  • Finding the appropriate level of packaging for food is essential – for portioning, shelf life, protection and freshness and quality – e.g. keeping certain fruit and veg in a loosely tied bag or in original packaging in the fridge can extend their life by up to two weeks.

Now while we can’t solve all of this – indeed, I suspect our customers are confident cooks! – we thought we could help with the storing of leftovers and fresh produce.

Enter two fabulous new food storage products from Provender Brown:


Beeswax Wraps

Made using Beeswax from our friends at Heather Hills Honey, and designed by us, we are thrilled with our new beeswax wraps.

  • A generous 25cm x 25cm size making them properly practical!
  • Self-sealing to keep your food fresh for longer
  • Completely plastic-free
  • Suitable for use in the fridge and freezer
  • Compostable and biodegradable at the end of their life

Simply open out your wax wrap, and flex and fold it to loosen it up. The trick here is to place your leftovers in any dish – bye bye plastic tubs! – and then to use the heat of your hands to mould the wrap over, under, or around it. The beeswax coating is naturally adhesive and will seal to your bowl or dish, or itself to create a tight but breathable seal.

The beeswax wrap basically replaces clingfilm which as we all know, has ended up one of the environmental nightmares of our time.

  • Wrap sandwiches and pies for packed lunches and picnics
  • Cover any leftovers in any dish
  • Keep cheese, charcuterie and other wrappable items fresh
  • Prove dough when bread making
  • Wrap toiletries when travelling
  • Make a little box or cone for nuts, seeds, berries or sweets

Lookout for anything warm or hot; so don’t use warm water for washing and let your leftovers cool down fully before wrapping. Oh, and I feel it goes without saying but just incase you have teenagers, don’t let them use them in the microwave!

Small Insulated Cool Bag

We fell in love with these cute little bags when we were searching for something that would keep cheese fresh and chilled. Yes, these are our life’s priorities!

They have an insulated main compartment and 'hook & loop' roll top closure to keep things fresh, and importantly, to stop any odours floating about your fridge. The pocket on the front is perfect for cutlery if you’re using these as a lunch bag.

  • Perfect for packed lunches and picnics
  • Keep cheeses separate in the fridge
  • Creates a sealed top on any open bags of herbs or leaves
  • Pop your half-used peppers, courgettes and other veg inside
  • Ideal for loose charcuterie and ham once opened

Our Cool Bags are made of Polypropylene, which is recyclable and has the number "5" as its resin identification code. Polypropylene doesn't contain bisphenol A, more commonly called BPA.

Caring for your Leftover Savers

Our wraps will last for up to a year and can be refreshed to last even longer. To make it easy, follow the same first steps for caring for your cool bag.

  • Fill your sink with cold water and a mild dishwashing liquid
  • Place your wraps in the sink and give them a good wash with a sponge
  • Rinse them off and hang to dry
  • Once dry you can roll them up or fold them until you need them again

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