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Wine Review – Corte Giara

Gorte Giara Varietal: Negociant, Corvina Veronese 50%, Rondinella 35%, Molinara 15% Region: Bardolino, Italy Vintage: 2016 Price: £11.99

Name: Gorte Giara

Varietal: Negociant, Corvina Veronese 50%, Rondinella 35%, Molinara 15%

Region: Bardolino, Italy

Vintage: 2016

Price: £11.99 

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As ever with these things, and whilst we can still see it, we start with the blurb at the back of this bottle – and it has a lot to live up to. It claims, in a not so modest sense that it “perfectly accompanies both the traditional fare of Italian cuisine, as well as the most representative dishes of various other cuisines around the world”. Well… there you go, make of that what you will, but that says to me that this goes with everything and anything and frankly, if you can’t find a match, then, it’s all your fault. It’s a bold, confident claim and if it were chocolate, it would so much as eat itself, more lick itself, to make itself last longer.

Now, some say there are no guarantees in life. They are of course wrong – birth, death and the common cold, I’m sure you’ll agree, but we can quickly start to add another good find from Provender Brown onto this list. The nose to this one is actually how it looks and I fear that I am getting good at this game, with hints of berries and hints that I know what I’m talking about. It’s bold with a refreshing sharpness to it, that almost wants to you call its bluff. The taste is interesting, but how to describe it…? Alluring! That’s it alluring – there’s the review done…Alluring. Though I’d better get a buzz on with some detail here.

The initial sharp taste is very fresh and lively, settling down to a lovely sweet finish. Again the mischievous hint of berries come through and the taste sensation is complete. Altogether warming as we fearlessly dive headlong into Autumn, in preparation for the violent undertones of Winter.

Since I’m slow on the uptake, in most things in life, I decide to investigate the weather effects here. The 2016 vintage of this lovely bottle, born down in the South East of Italy, where the burning sun was met with occasional bursts of wet weather has had its effect and produced this masterpiece. Worth noting that the occasional rain has been harnessed here to produce. It occasionally rains in Scotland – you may have noticed and for what it’s worth, the net result for me is that my washing gets drenched.

In my limited expertise in this field, I’ll go as far to say that’s it’s the sweetest Italian wine that I have sampled and for that reason, it hits the mark with so many tastes and I’m starting to believe the bold claims of this fine bottle. I’d urge you give this one a bash, I don’t think that you’ll regret it, though repetitive strain injury from the glass lifting is possibly a risk. I enjoyed it anyway.


Derek Hamilton

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