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Wild Hearth Bakery

Wild Hearth Bakery

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John, from Wild Hearth, popped in to see me last week with lots of samples of his amazing sourdough breads and pastries.  I took the opportunity to ask him lots of questions about his breads and pasties.

Speaking From The Heart : John Castley from Wild Hearth Bakery

How did you start?

"This has been my lifelong passion. We are a wood-fired artisan bakery on the edge of the Scottish Highlands dedicated to the world of natural sourdough.

Our reconditioned World War Two Nissen hut houses a state-of-the-art oven, fired exclusively with wood sustainably logged by horses on a nearby estate.

What makes your product different?
"Our breads and pastries are slowly and carefully created by hand from organic flours and wild ‘starters’ for the optimum depth of flavour, balance and lightness.  In fact, apart from baguette and ciabatta where we use a very small amount of baker’s yeast in addition to sourdough, everything we make is sourdough, even our croissant. 

Some of our breads have a gentle acidity, while others have no detectable sourness.  All have a complexity of flavour that comes with a natural ferment, carefully managed to preserve the essential flavour of the grains we work with."

How long does it take to perfect a Wild Hearth loaf?
"We don’t take shortcuts.  Our wood-fired oven takes 10 hours to fire from cold.  Our starters ripen for around 16 hours before we mix our doughs.  Our doughs rise on average for seven hours in our warm bakery before being baked, and our pastries much longer."

Everything we do is for the pleasure of real baking - natural, nourishing and delicious.

The Bakery Wild hearth
The Bakery Wild hearth


White sourdough £3

An almost white sourdough with a touch of stoneground wholemeal.  Distinguished by its beautifully caramelised crust and light, open structure.

Yorkshire wholemeal £3

A nutty, moist and tender wholemeal loaf that is not afraid to admit it.  A true whole food made entirely from organic wheat grown and stone-milled in Yorkshire.

Miche (Rustic French Country) £4.50

A classic large, round, rustic, French country loaf made from wheat organically grown and stonemilled in Yorkshire, sifted to remove only the coarse bran but retaining its essential flavour.

Ciabatta £2.10

The classic Italian ‘slipper bread’.  Light, airy, rustic, and full of character. 

Baguette £1.80

A proper French baguette with a sourdough twist.  Minimal mixing and skilful handling retain the flour’s natural creamy yellow colour and ‘popcorn’ aroma.   The ‘holey grail’ of breads. 

Seriously Fruit and Sesame Loaf £4.95

A deliciously moist fruit loaf absolutely packed full of raisins and currants, flavoured with fresh orange and ginger, and crusted with toasted sesame seeds.  Stays moist for days.

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