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Top Five Quick And Impressive Nibbles

Impress your guests and your tastebuds without slaving over a hot canape tray.

We are all huge fans of cooking here at PB but there are times when you just want to ditch the pinny and join in the buzz of the party.  Forget piping perfect peaks into tiny handmade pastry cases, what you need is a quick to assemble and impressive to taste party canape.  

Of course the flip side of this is that sometimes you want more than a giant family sized bag of crisps while you're lounging on the sofa watching old eighties sitcoms on Gold. In this instance we recommend doing exactly the same nibbles and treating yourself to a little sophistication while you chortle into your wine at the antics of Delboy and Rodney!  
  • Rahms Croustades filled with Little Herb Farm Sweet Thai Chilli Chunky Dip with Parmesan & Cashew Nuts 
    Crunchy, spicy and super tasty, it is highly likely you'll never eat anything else again! We LOVE this.

  • Crostini with Fattoria Sila Brushetta Campagnola 

    A tasty mix of courgette, peppers, aubergines, olives, sun dried tomatoes, celery, capers and garlic spooned over mini crostinis. YUM!

  • Terrine Forestiere with Tracklements Caramelised Red Onion Marmalade on Maclean’s Canape Oatcakes
    This is a smooth pate with mushrooms which makes the perfect base for the sweet, stickiness of a red onion marmalade. Pop on a wee oatcake for snacking perfection! 

  • Peppersweet - in a bowl!
    These mild sweet peppers stuffed with fresh cream cheese and marinated in herby vegetable oil need no other accompaniment - simply tip into a bowl and serve!
  • Smoked Salmon Pate On Mini Oatcakes
    It's an oldie but a goodie! Add a squeeze of lemon for a citrusy lift and prepare to gorge until they're done - super moreish treats that have stood the test of time. 

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