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Loison - A Taste of Christmas

Loison comes beautifully packaged and with prices starting at around £10, it makes a perfect gift for everyone!

I adore panettone at Christmas and a few years ago came across the best I've ever tasted. Not only do they have a superb taste and quality, but Loison Panettone come beautifully packaged and with prices starting at under £10, it makes a perfect gift for everyone!

Tradition is the main ingredient at Loison and from their base in Italy, they have been creating signature panettone for three generations.  Still a family business, it was started by grandfather Tranquillo, who then passed it on to his son Alessandro. Now, Dario Loison heads this 75-year-old company that relies on a long-standing family trade and history.

Here's what they say make their panettone so good!

"To make such soft and delicate confections, that yield the same fragrance that artisan bakeries can produce, takes special ingredients, a slow and natural rising process, gradual cooling and patience, because good things cannot be rushed.”

Loison use sourdough in the production of their panettone.  This natural yeast is obtained from a mixture of wheat flour, water, milk and fruit that has been set aside to ferment. No chemical substances are ever added to these natural ingredients. The result of the fermentation is a "starter" dough that is used daily, and fermentation occurs spontaneously.  


The sourdough contains a high number of micro-organisms, which multiply and stimulate optimal leavening. This unique flora produces a porous dough that, after being baked, becomes a soft spongy product that preserves the exclusive quality of the ingredients for a long time. 

70% of the flour in every Loison Panettone comes from the sourdough. This helps retain the internal moisture, so it stays softer over time and is highly digestible.  A dry panettone can be a sign that cheaper, industrial yeast has been used. 

Selection of the other ingredients that go into Loison’s panettone is no less arduous.  In the case of their Top Line range they use ingredients bearing the controlled designation of origin label, fresh eggs from safe farms, milk, butter and cream produced in the mountains of Italy, superfine flour, top-grade Italian sugar and Cervia Raw Sea Salt.

These ingredients are enhanced by the addition of candied fruit made with Diamante Citrus from Calabria and the oranges of Sicily, favoured by the ancient Greeks and Romans, whose essential oils maintain the intensity of freshly picked fruit; Calabrian figs, the late mandarins of Ciaculli in Sicilly, the most prestigious South American cocoa and the aromatic and unique Vanilla Mananara of Madagascar.

Possibly the most important ingredient, however, is time.  It takes 72 hours of patient work to make a Loison Panettone!

Loison do a huge range of panettone, encompassing different flavours, packaging styles, sizes and levels of quality so you can imagine the spin of indecision I go into each year when faced with over 60 pages of panettone and pandoro to choose from! 

Mostly, I’ve stuck with products from their Top Line and the slightly cheaper, but still excellent, Patisserie Line, to give customers a choice. Flavour-wise, we have classic, chocolate cream, salted caramel and Noel (Pear, Cinnamon & Cloves).

Loison Classico Panettoncino
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Loison Classico Panettoncino

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Naturally leavened product, with the typical shape of panettone, and the surface is cutted with a typical cross cut. The dough is enriched with Sultana raisin and candied orange peel.


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