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ChicP Raw Veg Houmous

Founded by Hannah McCollum, ChicP was set up to bring healthy, colourful dips to the food market using those odd shaped and unwanted veggies

40% of British crops are rejected because of their shape or size. 

1/3 of the food we produce in the UK is never eaten.

600,000 tonnes of food are wasted in restaurants per year.

300,000 tonnes of food wasted by supermarkets per year. 

The adult population adds a staggering 7 million tonnes on the top of that. 

The list goes on...

ChicP was created to counter act against this waste taking the opportunity to have a positive impact on the community, our natural resources shaping our health habits for the better.

Founded by Hannah McCollum, ChicP was set up to bring healthy, colourful dips to the food market. A houmous lover, tired of bland and unhealthy options, Hannah decided to combine her creative cooking and eagerness to help prevent food waste, into healthy, punchy vegetable houmous from surplus vegetables.   

Over the last five years, Hannah has cooked for families in the UK and all over Europe, predominantly as a private chef. She would often convert the leftover Ottolenghi type salads into dips for the next meal. Nearly every day the question would be “what’s the dip of the day Hannah”?!

The inspiration behind ChicP was the overriding determination and passion to change the way we approach cooking and food waste.    

The Product

The houmous is made primarily from raw vegetables, one of the healthiest food options available. 

This houmous is not just for eating as a dip but fantastic with any meal, as an accompaniment or sauce; add to chicken, fish, veggies, pasta or as a spread. The list is endless... just be creative!   

 As the old saying goes - "waste not want not...!"


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