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Appley Ever After : Farm Fresh Apple Juices

Appley Ever After is owned and run by Diane's old uni pal, Leeby Adam.

Quite apart from being the best named product on our shelves, Appley Ever After is owned and run by my old uni pal, Leeby Adam. As you might have guessed by the genius moniker, they produce a range of Apple juices which we all think are super delicious!

Leeby runs Downiemill Farm in Angus near Newbigging, a small farm that lends itself to conservation.  A number of years ago Leeby planted some woods, started a small flock of shetland sheep (for conservation grazing) and planted their traditional orchard. They selected six of the hardiest apple tree varieties known to produce the most delicious juice, and four years later they picked their first apples!

Leeby explained: “The crop is all hardy, juicing varieties chosen for their ability to look after themselves in the Scottish climate! That means that they can withstand the weather and produce a good harvest, that tastes delicious, without the need for a lot of chemicals to be thrown at them.”

Leeby and her team hand-pick and hand- press these wonderful homegrown apples to make seven delicious single variety and blended apple juices.  By using these traditional methods, they can ensure that the juices are bottled (also done on the farm!) with true appley flavour, each unique to its variety.

Each bottle is 100% pasteurised juice with just a smidge of ascorbic acid to stop it going brown (ascorbic acid is basically vitamin C so it doesn’t alter the taste at all).

The six varieties grown at Downiemill are Red Devil, Discovery, Rosette, Red Windsor, Herefordshire Russet and Red Fallstaff.  We're currently stocking the three early varieties - Rosy, Discovery and Rosette - which are pure in taste, making them the perfect breakfast juice, a great mid-morning refresher or a fabulous mixer for crisp gins and vodkas.

Available in 750ml (£4.99) or 330ml bottle (£2.50 - ideal for mixing!) now. 

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