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Grazing Platters To Order

Grazing Platters from Provender Brown in a choice of two sizes with options for both meat lovers and vegetarians.


With garden parties looking like the BIG idea for summer 2021, grazing platters are set to be a huge food trend.  Think an array of delicious cheeses, thinly sliced charcuterie and any number of little bowls brimming over with dips, olives and sun dried tomatoes. Food of the Gods! 

Here at Provender Brown we have two options for you to choose from; either pre-order one of our set platters or chat to the team who can offer advice on the best of seasonal produce to help you create your own.

Platters To Order

We decided to keep it nice and simple by offering a choice of two platters in two different sizes.  We've outlined each below and can adapt these to suit any dietary requirements or specific tastes. 

You can also choose to add extras such as Scotch Eggs, quiches or sausage rolls if you order far enough in advance.  Finally, if you'd like a nice wine selection to pair with your platters we can arrange for this too. 

  • Small £40 : Serves 4 - 6 (very roughly - it might only be 2 in our house but 12 in others!)
  • Large £60 : Serves 8 - 10 (be your own judge - these are the ones shown in the photos)

Cheese & Antipasti Platter (v)  Order now >

  • A good mix of antipasti such as balsamic onions, mushrooms, artichokes, olives, and tomatoes
  • Three excellent cheeses that will change depending on the season. 
  • A selection of crackers and oatcakes that marry up with the choice of cheese.
  • Chutneys, dips and fruit cheese to complement the cheeses provided.

Charcuterie, Cheese & Antipasti Platter Order now > 

  • A tasty selection of mixed charcuterie and pates.
  • A couple of excellent Scottish, British or European cheeses.
  • A good mix of antipasti such as balsamic onions, olives, artichokes and tomatoes.
  • Chutney and dip to complement the meats and cheeses provided.

With big thanks to Fraser Band Photography for the excellent photographs of our platters.


You can also build your own platter, and more and more of our customers are choosing to do this. Its lots of fun for foodies like us and with just a little effort they can look really impressive.  The WOW factor is all but guaranteed! 

How do I know how much charcuterie or cheese I need for my grazing table or buffet?

This is one of those questions that I often feel I need to answer with a question!  Some things to consider are:

Are you serving your charcuterie alongside more hearty dishes or will it be the main star of a grazing table or buffet?  Do you have cheese and other accompaniements being served alongside your charcuterie? And most importantly, how are hungry are your friends likely to be?

As a rough rule I'd serve at least 50g per person on a mixed board - see our Cheese Shop page for info on cheese - unless the charcuterie is the main attraction at which point you can double up to 100g and serve it with bread, crackers and olives. 

Tips For Creating a Grazing Style Charcuterie and Cheese Board

  • Mix up the flavours and textures. Go for a hard salami, a soft, rich pâté and perhaps something spicy or tangy like a sausage. Consider also serving hot or cold smoked salmon or trout - but make sure they're on their own serving dish!
  • Add antipasti and condiments. Olives are a must but you should also try nuts for crunch, stuffed mini peppers and of course, plenty of saurkraut or pickles.  I also like to have a fresh dip and two or three mixed chutneys to cater for different tastes.  See our Chilled Antipast and Olives selection and also our Pantry Shop for pickles, gourmet meats and pates with longer shelflife.
  • Serve at room temparature. We will slice your meats in the deli meaning all you need to do is lay it up on the plate and serve at room temparature. Take it out of the fridge at least an hour before you serve.
  • Bread or No Bread? I'd always serve it with fresh bread, oatcakes or a selection of savoury biscuits and crackers. If you have a day old sourdough then toast it gently and drizzle with olive oil. I could eat that right now!

You can order cheeses, pates and charcuterie here on the website , in multiples of 200g (cheese) and 100g (pate and charcuterie). Olives and antipasti - a tasty accompaniment - are sold in 150g multiples.

Big thanks to @FoodyJudie on instagram for the image of this platter, created using PB goodies!