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May 22

May 22

One of the best things about owning a deli is undoubtedly the sampling of new and interesting artisan food and drink. But sometime's its also about the comfort of picking up your old favourites and seasonal delights. 

We are fortunate to have been in business since 2005 and although there are still many old favourites that have been with us since day one - Adamsons Oatcakes we're looking at you! - we are constantly searching for great quality, exciting products for our customers. 

These new ideas often follow wider, global food trends but can just as easily be an addition to well established departments. The soda range from Rapscallion is a perfect example; more and more people are looking for a grown up alternative to booze and these are delicious, fresh fruit, low calorie sodas, handmade in Glasgow. They also make fabulous mixers. 

For those who prefer a little more oomph in their drinks, we also have some delicious new wines which I can personally vouch for, and a new gin - from Scilly Spirit - which is fast becoming my new tipple of choice!

And of course, as a huge supporter of seasonal, Scottish and British produce, sometimes our 'new' items are simply making their annual appearance or have returned to the shelves after some time away.  This month, we've lots of old favourites making a much-longed for comeback 

Old Friends Return

  • Seahills Strawberries - premium, classic and choclate dipped
  • Denhead Asparagus
  • Eassie Asparagus (due soon; keep an eye out!)
  • Findlaters pates
  • Hazar Baba Turkish Delight
  • Brindisa Gazpacho
  • Krakus Sauerkraut and PIckled Dill Cumcumbers

New Kids On The Block

  • Scilly Spirit Island Gin
  • Rapscallion Sodas - Dry lime, Ginga Ninja and Burnt Lemon
  • Various wines - see below
  • Beckleberry tarts
  • Coolmore Cakes
  • Whiskies from GlenAllachie and Broody Hen

The delicious Atlantic Strength Gin from Scilly Spirit Distillery is made using the water from the sea surrounding them..... a little bit of Scilly in every sip!