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Easter Open Hours 2024

  • Good Friday, 29th March (open 9-5)
  • Easter Saturday, 30th March (open 9-5)
  • Easter Sunday, 31st March (closed)
  • Easter Monday, 1st April (closed)

When it comes to buying luxury Easter eggs and treats online, look no further than the confectionery department of award-winning deli, Provender Brown.  Sarah Burton's luxury chocolates for the grown ups, sweet cookie treats for the kids, and mini eggs, bunny lollies and chocolate sheep for everyone.

The highlight of our Easter selection is, once again, the beautiful, luxury eggs from Booja Booja. Hand painted in Kashmir and filled with delicious truffles, these are a perfect treat for Easter and the shells can be used as gorgeous little trinket boxes for years to come. Oh, and they just happen to be dairy free, gluten free and vegan! 

Luxury Easter Eggs and Treats

We have a full range of chocolate treats that includes:

  • Luxury Easter Eggs for adults
  • Farm Lollipops and Chocolate Bunnies
  • Mini eggs and novelty chocolate boxes
  • Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs
  • Dark Chocolate Easter Eggs

The History of Easter Eggs

Eating eggs at Easter was first introduced by the christians who had been forbidden from doing so during Lent. These chicken’s eggs were dyed and painted in celebration - a tradition lots of us still enjoy today. 

The first chocolate Easter egg was made by J.S. Fry & Sons in England in 1873 but it was two years later, when chocolate manufacturer Cadbury produced a mouldable cocoa butter egg, that the Chocolate eggs we know and love today really took off. 

100% of Montezuma's packaging is now recyclable, compostable or biodegradable. Their new packaging is for those who love chocolate and the planet so if you choose their Easter treats this year, you'll be making both a tasty choice and a sustainable choice!