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Perth Cafe Bridge Day

This summer, a team of enthusiastic Perth Bridge Club players will launch Perth's inaugural Café Bridge - and Diane will be amongst the players on the day.

Cafe Bridge Day, Perth
Saturday 19th August 2023
12:30pm - 5:00pm

You may or may not know, that I am a huge fan of Bridge; I learned a few years ago and have been a keen player with Perth Bridge Club ever since.

Far from being a game for old people, Bridge is an exciting way to keep your brain stimulated and to indulge in some good quality, mental exercise while socialising – and you will almost certainly know that I like to socialise!

This summer, a team of enthusiastic Perth Bridge Club players led by Marijke Lafferty with the help of Victor Lesk, will launch Perth's inaugural Café Bridge Day, with a cash prize of £150 up for grabs. I'll be there, with my trusty Bridge Partner and I'd love to welcome you along if you'd like to join our club or find out how to get started in the game. 

The idea is simple:

Perth Café Bridge is a fun and competitive duplicate pairs tournament where players play 28 boards in 7 different venues, 4 boards in each. The boards stay, the players move on.

Included in the tournament fee is a voucher for each venue for coffee, tea, a soft drink, or a half pint of lager. It copies a well-established model proven to be popular in Northern European countries where clubs have turned this into an annual event.

  • Registration will take place in St. Matthew's Church from 10.30 am onwards
  • Players will be issued with a map of participating cafes and bars, and a movement card.
  • Play starts at 12:30pm and seven rounds will be played in various cafes, bars and restaurants throughout the city centre.
  • Play is scheduled to finish at 5:00pm.
  • Scores are entered by players on their phones using the BriAn app-based scoring system. This allows organisers to declare a winner very soon after the last board is played. Find out more here.

The cost to enter the event is £30.00 per player (includes seven beverages). Please sign up below using the link, after which payment instructions will be sent to you.

We hope that by playing throughout city centre, we can encourage others to join in, and that we’ll create one huge, fun, challenging tournament that takes our bridge into our community and introduces our community to playing bridge.

Go to for the booking link and for more information about the day.

Find Out More:

Thinking of coming along?  

Here’s a top tip from Pam Livingston, a top bridge coach who plays for New Zealand ladies.

“Think that food is just fuel for your body? Think again. For the average adult in a resting state, the brain consumes about 20 percent of the body’s energy. The brain’s primary function — processing and transmitting information through electrical signals — is very, very expensive in terms of energy use and so when you are playing our wonderful game of bridge, make sure not only that you have eaten a suitable breakfast, but that you feed your brain throughout the day. 

“Follow this with a good lunch and snacks during the day.  Not sugary snacks, but fruit, nuts and protein.  And don't forget to drink water - lots of water!”

I hope to see you there!