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Gianni Calogiuri Olio Extra "Affiorato" Olive Oils
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Gianni Calogiuri Olio Extra "Affiorato"


A single estate extra virgin olive oil which comes attractively packaged in a box with a pourer. Gianni Calogiuri is a small family business that self-bottles and still produces according to traditional methods that have passed through five generations of the family. The estate is located close to Lecce in the village of Lizzanello.The Ogliarola and Cellina di Nardo varieties of olives used in the family's oils are hand-picked at peak maturity (November-January) and are pressed using stone presses. They produce a low acidity level of 0.3 percent.

Calogiuri’s flavorful extra virgin olive oil is made using a traditional, little-used method called “affiorato”. It is so rare, in fact, that Calogiuri is one of only three companies in the whole of Italy to use this time-consuming, artisan technique. To produce affiorato, the oil is first cold-pressed immediately after harvesting the olives – which happens only once a year, in November – and then left to rise to the surface on its own. It is then hand-collected in jugs to be bottled. There’s no extraction pressure and minimal harm to the delicate olives, giving the olive oil a dense, full-bodied texture and the full flavor of the original fruit.

This rich and dense Italian extra virgin olive oil is a true delight to the senses, adding texture and silky flavor to any recipe. Use it to season salads, to drizzle over roasted or grilled vegetables, fish or meats, or simply savor with bruschetta or toast with a good aceto balsamico.


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Gianni Calogiuri

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