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Tips To Build Your Own Food and Drink Hamper

Our top tips for building your own food and drink hamper to create a special, bespoke gift.

Everyone loves a foodie gift, and here at Provender Brown we’ve been creating wonderful hampers for nearly 20 years now. As you might imagine, we’ve become real experts in the process – even if we do say so ourselves! 

More importantly, we’ve had lots of really lovely feedback from happy recipients which is really what makes it one of our favourite things to do. 

We have a great selection of ready-made hampers here on the website, but we know that sometimes you have an exact idea in mind. After all, you know what your lucky gift recipient enjoys most!

Creating a bespoke hamper with all of their favourites is a really thoughtful gift and now you can do it easily with our Create Your Own Hamper service.

Simply choose your hamer packaging, explore the rest of the website and fill your basket or box to the brim!  We’ll then make it up and send it directly to the lucky recipient – you can even add a gift card with a message.

In order to help you, we’ve taken 20 years of knowledge and poured it into this great blog full of tips for building your own hamper.


Build Your Own Hamper

Choose Your Hamper: Start by simply selecting your preferred hamper packaging. We have three choices here: 

  1. Our branded jute bags, available in two sizes - dinky little ones that are perfect for a little gift or two and our larger shoppers if you're feeling more generous.
  2. Our black, glossy Provender Brown branded gift box  - available in three sizes.  These work for hampers up to around £100.
  3. Our PB branded eco-boxes which are really smart, fully recyclable, food safe and sustainable. These don't require an outer box for sending which significantly reduces the amount of packaging waste. These are available in four sizes covering the whole range of budgets up to around about £120.
  4. Our beautiful wicker baskets with faux leather trim buckles - available in five sizes, all the way from mini to extra large.  

Getting Started: Really, it’s all about personal choice.  The chances are you are choosing to build your own hamper because you know the sort of things you want to send, otherwise you would be going for the easy ready-made option, but here are a few points to consider.

Think about whether you want to make the hamper all sweet, all savoury or a mixture.  There’s no right or wrong; it’s all about what you think the recipient will enjoy.

Consider balance: Try not to pick one very large or bulky item that’s going to dominate, unless that is the key focus of the hamper.  For example, a bottle of wine or champagne looks good with a couple of smaller complimentary items; a bulky pack of pasta and a few small items, not so much.

With so many goodies on offer, it can be difficult to choose.  It might help to give yourself a theme such Scottish, French, Gluten Free, Organic.  You can use the filters within each sub-department or the search bar to help narrow it down.

Remember Postage Times and Handling: Avoid very fragile items such as bruschetta or crumbly oatcakes (Adamson’s are particularly bad!) or tubs of oily things from the deli counter that might leak. If the hamper is being sent to a remote location, you won’t be able to include fresh perishable goods. 

Don’t overfill the box: A hamper will always feel more luxurious and exciting if you have to dig around and peel back the layers to find what’s in it.  Bear in mind also that if its being sent out we need sufficient room between bottles and jars to allow for protective packaging.  If chilled items are included we will also need room for ice packs.  If in doubt, it’s always better to go up a size.

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