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Barbeque Bonanza Recipes

Summer is here and its time to break the BBQ out! Our friends at Tracklements have come up with some BBQ bonanza recipes using their delicious range.

For a nation reknowned for its bad weather, we Scots do love a barbeque! 

I recall the first BBQ we had in the early eighties; a tiny tray with enough room for about 8 sausages, no stand and one level of cooking which meant you were almost guaranteed to be eating blackened burgers and undercooked bangers - all with lashings of tomato sauce!  My Uncle George whipping up a feast under a golfing umbrella will be one of my favourite lasting, childhood memories. 

Today's BBQs are all together different and from fancy gas burners to woodfired grills, there are any number of posh BBQ options. We still like the charcoals - although we've gone all out with the food.

Veggie options, lots of sides, and extra jars of Tracklements products to top up the flavour. 

You may also want to pop over to our off licence for a selction of beers. Is there any other way to enjoy a burger? 


Barbecued Steak with British Beer Mustard Dressing

Dial up your barbecue fare with a sumptuous steak given bite and interest with Tracklements British Beer Mustard. Serve sliced on a hearty salad for a barbecue platter with a difference.

2 x sirloin steak
2 tbsp Tracklements British Beer Mustard >
1 tbsp runny honey >
1 tbsp olive oil >
salt & pepper

Barbecue your steak until it’s cooked to your preference. Meanwhile mix together the British Beer Mustard, honey, oil and seasoning into a simple but sensational dressing. When the steak is cooked, slice and drizzle with the dressing or use as a mustardy steak dip!


Barbecued Aubergine with Hot Chilli Sauce

Veggie BBQs can be both simple and delicious – we’re all a fan of a glazed veggie skewer but why not impress veggie guests with this no-fuss chargrilled aubergine? Tracklements Hot Chilli Sauce transforms the humble aubergine in this recipe!

Serves: 3

3 aubergines, halved length ways
150ml Hot Chilli Sauce >
2 tbsp maple syrup >
1 tsp rapeseed oil >
35g salted mixed peanuts, roughly chopped > 
2 spring onions, sliced
small handful fresh coriander, roughly chopped


Light the barbecue (alternatively you can cook under a hot grill). Score the flesh of the aubergine. Mix together the Smoky Chilli Sauce and maple syrup. Brush the skins of the aubergines with oil. Brush half of the chilli sauce mixture onto the cut sides, making sure it gets into all the score lines. Leave to marinate for 15 mins (no longer or you’ll get soggy aubergines).

Barbecue, skin side down, for 10 mins until the flesh is cooked and then baste the scored side with more of the chilli sauce mixture. Turn the aubergines over and barbecue flesh side down for around 4 mins until browned. Check the aubergines to make sure they’re not sticking to the BBQ grill.

Brush any remaining sauce mixture onto the aubergines and top with the nuts, spring onions and coriander.


Sticky Pork Ribs with Hot Chilli Ketchup

Alive with that most piquant of peppers, the habanero chilli, Tracklements Habanero Hot Ketchup naturally takes these ribs to new heights.

Serves: 4
2 cloves garlic, peeled and finely chopped >
5 tbsp Tracklements Hot Chilli Sauce >
2 tbsp dark muscovado sugar
2 tbsp soy sauce >
1 tbsp red wine vinegar >
4 tbsp honey >
1 tbsp rapeseed oil >
8 large uncooked pork spare ribs (approx. 1.2kg)
salt and pepper to season

For the slaw:
¼ white cabbage, finely sliced
¼ red cabbage, finely sliced
2 carrots, finely sliced
½ red onion, finely sliced

2 tbsp lemon juice
2 tsp Tracklements Smooth Dijon Mustard
4 tbsp rapeseed oil >

Mix the ingredients for the dressing together then mix everything together in a bowl and serve.

Preheat the oven to 180°C/350°F/ gas mark 4. Put all the ingredients, except the spare ribs, into a mixing bowl, mix everything together and season.
Rest the ribs in a heavy based roasting dish, pour the sauce over the top and turn the ribs to make sure that they are totally covered in sauce.
Cook for 1 hour turning every 20 mins and basting as you go. Alternatively marinate in the sauce for 2 hours or overnight and cook on the bbq.
Serve with homemade slaw and salad.


Caramelised Onion Marmalade Burgers

Bring more bang to your burgers with Tracklements Caramelised Onion Marmalade! This recipe, featuring Tracklements sticky-sweet relish will deliver you the most ooey, gooey, juicy burger – without too much effort.


veggie or beef patties
brioche buns
Tracklements Caramelised Onion Marmalade
cheddar cheese, sliced >
1x sliced red onion
2x sliced beef tomatoes
sliced gherkins

Add your patty of choice to the barbecue or grill. Around 3 minutes before it has finished cooking, add a slice of cheddar cheese on top so it becomes melted and gooey. Cut the brioche bun in half and add to the barbecue or grill for 1-2 minutes until lightly toasted. Once cooked, add the patty with melted cheese to the brioche bun, and spoon on a rather healthy portion of Tracklements Caramelised Onion Marmalade. Add in sliced red onions, gherkins, sliced tomatoes and lettuce. Best served at a summer barbecue with a side of potato wedges.