About Us

Provender Brown is owned and managed by Diane Brown, a food lover extraordinaire who has spent the past decade building her gourmet food and delicatessen shop in George Street, Perth. The philosophy that Diane and the team embrace is all to do with quality, provenance and passion.   

That is why we have spent many years searching out small-scale producers from all across the UK and beyond. These are people who are passionate about the food they produce, often using recipes and techniques passed down through their families for generations. These are organisations where the person who takes our telephone order may well have been involved in picking the apples for the fruit juice or tending the bees which produce the honey. This level of detail and food provenance means we know exactly how and why the products that we stock end up on our shelves.  It is these wonderful artisans who are at the heart of what we do.

This philosophy is also reflected in the shop’s staff - they too have been handpicked for their enthusiasm, their way with people and their passion for good food.   It says a lot that nearly all of the staff have been with PB for many years and some from the very beginning.

We may not know all the answers, but what we don't know we will happily find out for you - so please talk to us, ask us about the products, tell us what you do and don't like. In turn, we will try to guide you through our extensive range and help you find the products best suited to your individual tastes and budget so that hopefully you will always be delighted with your choice.

We are immensely proud of what we do and that our efforts have been recognised at national and local level by various awards and accolades.  These include Best Deli Attitude in the UK, Scottish Regional Winner and Top 5 UK Finalist of Deli of the Year and Finalist in the BBC Good Food Magazine Reader Award for Best UK Food Shop.

Of course, the most important people of all are our customers. We have a fantastically loyal following of regular customers, many of whom have become friends, and it is as a result of listening to what they would like that our little shop has evolved to be what it is today. We very much look forward to meeting the next generation of customers and seeing where they will take us on the next part of our journey.

For those future customers who don’t know us yet, I think this sums us up quite nicely:

What makes us special is hard to say;
But we give it our best in every way.
It’s a feeling, a warmth, an atmosphere, a passion;
We’re definitely not a passing fashion.
It’s the cheery welcome, the cheeky banter;
“Customers as friends” as our mantra;
It’s a can-do attitude, a desire to please;
It’s about so much more than just the best cheese!
It’s going the extra mile;
Always having a smile ☺
It’s tastings galore;
Holding open the door;
Taking bags to the car;
Sourcing that jar;
It’s that piece of advice,
Makes it cheap at the price.
It’s all the nice things our customers say,
That make us love doing it every day!
What makes us special?  It’s more than the food;
It’s the people, the passion, it’s the attitude!





       Diane Brown, Proprietor.