Wine Review – Ruberpan, by Pieropan August 04, 2017 12:25

This month's review from our resident wine buff, Derek Hamilton.

Date: July 2017

Name: Ruberpan

Varietal: Valpolicella

Region: Hill of Garzon, Italy

Price: £22.99

A lovely red from this famous Italian dynasty of wine makers. The appearance and the nose sets it apart from the rest and the taste, makes it a bit of a stand out. Traditionally, for me anyway, Italian wines are earthy throughout, but the initial hit here is sweet, cherry sweet – before settling down to traditional hints and setting my change resistant mind at ease. A new sensation and overall, very, very nice.

Made by Pieropan, the Italian ode to the boy who never grew up, this wine is having me regress – I feel young again. The whole experience feels new and intriguing, wrapped up in a lovely looking bottle, with the ominous 13.5%, which suggests that things are going to get a little less serious as the evening wears on.

This liquid version of pixie dust has my mind racing and my body slowing right down, though as we move on through a fun evening – mind and body sync rather well into a Zen state. Enjoying this quite a lot and I am still coming to terms with the taste experience. It is in actual fact dangerously moreish, very quaffable and one for the future… I say this, since for whatever reason, this feels like it should be one for the colder nights in Autumn and Winter. I can’t explain why, but that’s how I feel – just good to sit in with this one. All this on what is a rather rare July evening, where the skies are clear.

I’m setting a bit of a record here on the acceptable speed to consume a bottle of wine, the flak I am receiving from my wife for such would make a gang of Yardies blush, not to mention, give BUPA some cause for concern, but I feel it’s worth it… In the interests of providing some serious consumer advice you understand. Incidentally, you know when you get a blood red, viscous looking wine (or sauce or herbal tea) and you think it just looks like it should taste bold, then you are sorely disappointed – Ruberpan is quite the opposite. It just didn’t look like it should grab your attention, it won’t happen, a little bit like Leicester City playing in a football league – but in the end, we all like nice surprises.

Would love this to go on all night – it would certainly be a fine ally on those long winter nights, but I can hear the “tick-tock”, “tick-tock” on my supply here this evening, so in fear of a rather large Crocodile swaggering into my living room, I’d better wrap up. Great tasting wine – it was an experience, sorry for the tenuous links to something else, but you know me – I need a Hook!

Derek Hamilton

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