Wine Review | Akarua Rua, Rouge April 28, 2017 14:17

Derek Hamilton, Provender Brown customer and new to the scene wine reviewer gives us his take on the fantastic Akarua Rua, Rouge. 

Date: April 2017
Name: Akarua Rua - Rouge
Varietal: Pinot Noir
Region: Central Otago – New Zealand
Price: £19.99

Pinot Noir - how bizarre, Pinot Noir – mid range car, Pinot Noir with Caviar… Well not tonight, tonight it’s with crisps. 14%... more like Pinot Waaarrrgggh! The somewhat bland label states that this is from Bannockburn in New Zealand and has a core of juicy berry flavours and a soft yet, bright finish.
Now, I’m Scottish and therefore more accustomed to another Bannockburn, one famous for basically one notable event and has barely modernised since – a place certainly not capable of producing something as marvellous as this.


Tastes bloody brilliant and all those aforementioned flavours (and finishes) that are advertised are certainly there – not one for trading standards to prick their ears up here. Stands out from your run-of-the-mill bottle of plonk in the smooth drinking and also has the added bonus of saving on your heating bills – it makes me feel warm inside, it really does.

The smooth flavours extend you to a period of relaxation (I have now ditched the crisps) and you can meander through the evening in enjoyment and warmth. Given my wine tasting experience through the years, I cannot convey much in the technicalities here, though it is certainly one of the finest I have tasted in my vast, if somewhat naive experience in the field.

Generally this hits the mark with me. It’s red for a start, there are many, many wines that fail this first critical examination and the nose is something that you realise should taste bold. Again there are many wines that fall at this hurdle, but Akarua Rua effortlessly moves through. When you get a taste it lingers long and makes this a thoroughly enjoyable bottle – which incidentally is now ever diminishing, so I’d better wrap this up.

From New Zealand, so not an EU wine, which gives me some hope and as we career off the Brexit (sic) cliff, I’ll go off with as happy a shout possibly, teeth and lips, tinged with the red from this lovely stuff. Lovely bottle, suitable with most meats, rice and anything really – great accompaniment with fresh air for me. I’d buy it again, so should you…Pinot Noir – Au Revior.

Derek Hamilton
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Derek Hamilton, or Del  to his friends is a 34 year old married man, with 2 kids (both boys) and all the eye bags to prove it. He has been living in Perth for the last 10 years, after a short 2 year stint in Dundee although his first 22 years were spent in East Kilbride.

He is a professional engineer, working on the railways by day and sometimes night - full time and full on.. All this keeps him going through the week, sometimes at the weekend and when he can, he enjoys a glass of wine (and you probably gathered he's a red man).

Equivalent in height to any standard 6 foot bloke and weighing in at a less than mighty 78 kilos, he likes to keep his vital statistics at least in some semblance of numerical order. Insufficiently travelled for his own liking, but he hopes to improve on this in the coming years.

Other than that, he likes acoustic music a great deal, coffee and wine - the things that make life good.