Wine Review - A-Mano Imprint of Mark Shannon, Primitivo October 27, 2017 15:46

Date: October 2017

Name: A-Mano Imprint of Mark Shannon, Primitivo

Varietal: Primitivo Appassito

Region: Puglia, Italy

Vintage: 2015

Price: £14.99


Apparently Elvezia Sbalchiero, who commented on the back of this bottle, can see the link between the winemaker and “his” wine. Perhaps governed by the fact she is the partner of Mark Shannon, she has been lured into a sense of exclusivity when it comes to the winemaker and their gender. Unperturbed by this, and questioning my own masculinity, since I have only ever succeeded in creating a fine mix of diluting juice and water in my less than illustrious career on this front, she continues, that when she tastes the wine, she can definitely see their temperament in them. It therefore follows, according to Elvezia, that Mark Shannon is forward, friendly and full of life. I think if I made a wine, Elevezia would probably see my as highly strung, though slightly dull – if a little talkative and leaves quite a sore head in the morning.

This sweet little delight is indeed very friendly, shaking my hand as I enjoy a little tipple on this October evening – the weather incidentally tonight requires something friendly with the frankly creepy silence punctured only by an unexpected sinister gust of wind whistling on the hill. The nose is strong, sweet and you get what you anticipate from this deep red fluid of delight. It’s a very sweet tasting wine, fragile, dainty, but with the number 14.5 locked just in front of a percentage sign which is giving me visions of Tinkerbell wearing lead lined boxing gloves. The sweet taste falls away to a sharp, fresh finish and I feel that I need to give this one a little more time to see if it will leave an impression on me – or an imprint.

After an admittedly heavy dinner (or tea – we can debate this prickly subject at a later date – I ate it around 7:30pm for the record), this wine goes down well. With my motivation for moving at a remarkably low ebb, this wine is a good friend tonight and a relaxing toast for those well-earned idle moments in modern life. Open, pour, come on – you deserve it. It does however throw a spanner in the full of life quip for me.

It is difficult to find fault here, but I guess if you had to criticise, I wouldn’t consider it “forward”; I am more or less sliding down the sofa, almost onto my back and thinking about tomorrow no longer matters. I do get a numbing sensation as I move onto another glass – the sensation that, having given it a little more time, I only hear “nom nom nom” coming from my simple brain, craving more. You get what you get here – there are wines with more subtlety, more intrigue and more depth, but this one is simply solid as a rock lovely, your money is well spent and you won’t go wrong here.


Derek Hamilton

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