The Wee G & T Festival 2017 - Who's Coming, What To Drink and Masterclass News! September 04, 2017 15:14

Following the rip roaring success of our first Wee G & T Festival last September we're delighted to announce the 2017 event looks set to meet, beat and surpass all of our expectations!

With over 50 different gins to taste, expert knowledge on hand from our favourite distillers, tasters galore, workshops and fabulous gin inspired recipes and cocktails this is an event for gin lovers one and all! 

The Wee G & T Festival 2017

Bon Accord Soft Drinks                 

  • Cloudy Lemonade
  • Ginger Beer
  • Rhubarb Soda
  • Tonic Water

Colonsay Beverages                      

  • Wild Island Botanic Gin

Dundee Gin Co.

  • Dundee Gin
  • Dundee Marmalade Gin

Ian Macleod                                     

  • Edinburgh Gin
  • Edinburgh Seaside Gin
  • Edinburgh Cannonball Gin
  • Edinburgh Elderflower Fruit Liqueur
  • Edinburgh Plum & Vanilla Fruit Liqueur
  • Edinburgh Raspberry Fruit Liqueur
  • Edinburgh Rhubarb & Ginger Fruit Liqueur

Eden Mill

  • Eden Mill Golf Gin
  • Eden Mill Hop Gin
  • Eden Mill Love Gin
  • Eden Mill Oak Gin
  • Eden Mill Original Gin
  • Eden Mill Strawberry & Cracked Pepper Liqueur
  • Eden Mill Lemon & Raisin Liqueur
  • Eden Mill Pear and Cassia Liqueur
  • Eden Mill Basil Smash
  • Eden Mill Berry Bramble
  • Eden Mill Citrus Fizz
  • Eden Mill Roasted Martini


  • El-gin
  • Moray Berry

Glasgow Distillery Co.                    

  • Makar Glasgow Gin
  • Makar Oak Aged Gin
  • Makar Mulberry Aged Gin
  • Makar Old Tom Gin

Glenshee Craft Distillers               

  • Persie Zesty Citrus Gin
  • Persie Herby & Aromatic Gin
  • Persie Sweet & Nutty Old Tom Gin

GlenWyvis Distillery

  • GlenWyvis Original Highland Gin
  • GlenWyvis Small Batch NC500 Gin

House of Elrick                                

  • House of Elrick Gin

 Liberty Wines                                   

  • Ginpilz Italian Gin                                   

Loca Beverages                  

  • (Minus)-33 Juniper Distilled Spirit

 Madderty Micro                    

  • Madderty Micro Blueberry Gin
  • Madderty Micro Rhubarb Gin
  • Madderty Micro Strawberry & Chocolate Mint Gin
  • Madderty Micro Raspberry Gin
  • Madderty Micro Elderflower Gin

Marussia Beverages          

  • Fifty Pounds Gin
  • Death's Door Gin

Maxwell's Desserts

  • Gin-themed patisserie

Moray Distillery                    

  • Avva Scottish Gin
  • Avva Scottish Gin Navy Stregth
  • Berry Good Raspberry Gin
  • Berry Good Strawberry Gin
  • Berry Good Blackcurrant Gin
  • Cofaidh Liqueur

Solway Spirits                      

  • Solway Dry Gin
  • Solway Classic Gin
  • Solway Citrus Gin
  • Solway Sloe Gin
  • Solway Raspberry Ripple Gin

Stirling Gin                           

  • Stirling Gin

Strathearn Distillery            

  • Strathearn Heather Rose Gin
  • Strathearn Juniper Gin
  • Strathearn Oaked Highland Gin

Strathleven Distillers   

  • Gilt Gin

 Trossachs Distillery

  • McQueens Chocolate Mint Gin
  • McQueens Super Premium Dry Gin
  • McQueens Mocha Gin
  • McQueens Smokey Chilli gin
  • McQueens Spiced Chocolate Orange Gin
  • McQueens Sweet Citrus Gin

Wemyss Vintage Malts

  • Darnley's Original Gin
  • Darnley's Spiced Gin
  • Darnley's Spiced Navy Strength Gin

Wild Thyme Spirits

  • Colonsay Gin

Masterclass Itinerary

Please note. We'll book you in on the day as you arrive; there are circa 50 spaces per class with a first come, first serve policy! We've given each class more time this year, so less chance of running over! We won’t be making any announcements about Masterclasses – it’s up to you to make sure you're there on time!

We advise you to be there 10 minutes before the class is scheduled to start; anyone who misses out on the class they'd like to attend can turn up 5 minutes beforehand in case any spaces arise.

Adam Room

12.30   Graeme Maxwell – Savoury Cooking Demo

The top selling craft gin in the USA, Death’s Door is one of the few true craft gins, made from grain to glass. Beginning mostly as Organic Wheat on Washington Island, the grain is sailed across Deaths Door Passage (a once treacherous stretch of water) to mainland Wisconsin where it is distilled into spirit and then redistilled into gin with the addition of just 3 botanicals: Juniper Berries, Coriander Seeds and Fennel Seeds. Fascinatingly the wheat acts almost as a fourth botanical bringing in a rich creamy texture. This simple botanical profile makes it the ideal gin for a roasted fennel and gin risotto and local chef, Graeme Maxwell, is going to demonstrate how to make it, no doubt with his usual inimitable flair!

1.30     Persie Distillery: We Nose Our Gin!

With over 75% of flavour down to smell, it takes a fairly rousing aroma to hit the sweet spot. Persie Gin taps right into that, as all their gins are designed to stimulate your sense of smell up front. Head distiller, Simon Fairclough, will have you nosing gin oils and guessing the botanicals in their Zesty Citrus, Herby and Sweet & Nutty gins – and sampling as you go along!

2.30     Graeme Maxwell - Sweet Cooking Demo

If you have a sweet tooth, then this is the one for you!  Graeme is an accomplished patisserie chef who has supplied tarte citron for the Queen, chocolate fondants for Zara Phillip’s wedding and afternoon tea for David Beckham.  He will be wowing us with all sorts of gin-soaked sweet treats from marshmallows to cheesecakes (all with sampling of course) and afterwards you can stock up with goodies to take home at his pop-up shop downstairs.

Murray Room

1.00     McQueen Gin – is this the most unique gin in the world?

Dale McQueen, a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and his wife Vicky, a chef and Master Baker, packed in their jobs, built their own distillery and created four unique “world’s first” gins in the course of 10 months.  Along the way they also found time to design an award-winning bottle and, despite doing pretty much everything themselves, have already managed to pick up a Double Gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition!  Join Dale as he recounts the highs and lows of their exciting journey, with an opportunity to taste their award-winning gin.

2.00     Minus 33 – ABCs of Gin: Alcohol, Botanicals and Cocktails

Sam Trett spent more than a year in a lab experimenting with creating the best-tasting drink possible.  The result was a botanical spirit at 33% ABV, the most popular choice among the tasters, but not quite strong enough to be called gin.  Hear the full story of the “Juniper Distilled Spirit” that is Minus 33, along with some cocktail making in this interactive session.

3.00     El:Gin Orange Espresso - A Cocktail to kick of your evening 

El:gin is one of the newer gins on the market.  Small batch distilled in Elgin, using Scottish oats, local fruit and top-quality botanicals, it makes a perfect cocktail base.  Brand Ambassador Gary Grant will do a live cocktail demonstration on their El-Gin Orange Espresso and will also add a little something extra with the new Smoked Appletini.  Should set everyone up nicely for an evening on the town!