The Highland Cookhouse is Here! September 02, 2016 16:31

Hi Everyone

I don’t know about you but sometimes at the end of a hard day at work I find myself torn between the want of a good home-cooked dinner and the convenience of a ready-meal.   What I really want of course is for someone to make a delicious dinner for me!  

So, when we heard about the fantastic Highland Cookhouse (based in the actual Highlands!) who create handmade meals just like you’d cook at home we knew we were going to love them!

The Highland Cookhouse was launched in November 2015 by Quintin and Michelle Stevens, and Ian and Sabine Richards. Self-confessed foodies and each one fanatical about local, seasonal produce, they found themselves united by a love of proper home-cooking.

The ethos of the Highland Cookhouse is simple; to create great tasting food using the finest, fully traceable ingredients from their local area.  Their suppliers are carefully hand-picked and include some of Scotland’s most farmers and artisan producers such as Connage Highland Dairy,  Aird Beef, Loch Eye Pork and Highland Venison.

The dishes available are reminiscent of a Scottish childhood with favourites such as shepherd’s pie, macaroni and lamb casserole all making the list.  And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better we turned the page and there were the puddings!  Syrup Sponge, Sticky Toffee and Rice Pudding.

Michelle told us, “We’ve been truly inspired by the abundance of amazing produce found right here on our doorstep, The Highland Cookhouse is all about provenance, sustainability and wellbeing. And taste, of course!”

Next step on their journey was to recruit a team of passionate in-house chefs to ensure the dishes retained the quality and flavours they had painstakingly created.   All the meals are cooked from scratch, chilled, packed and blast-frozen for maximum freshness, flavour and nutritional value.  The great news for us – and you! – is that this means there are no preservatives or any dreadful e numbers – just a delicious handmade meal bursting with the best locally sourced produce. Exactly as we like them!

Cookhouse meals are available now from the Provender Brown freezer section; they cook from frozen in 45 minutes or less, or from chilled in less than 25 minutes.

Do pop in and try them soon,

Diane and The PB Team 

Highland Cookhouse will be joining us for a tasting day on Friday 9th September between 11am and 2pm.  MORE>>>