Perthshire Craft Beer - Our Top Five August 1, 2019 15:41

Summer’s here and we are spreading those picnic blankets and taking our sweet time enjoying the abundance of glorious sunshine. And surely there are few things that better cap a sun-dappled day then a cold craft beer?  Even more so when it’s made in the back yards of Perthshire. 

With small, independent breweries stretching from Pitlochry to Abernyte, our local craft beers are having a well-earned and warmly welcomed moment. With painstaking attention to ingredients and detail and fuelled by desire and enthusiasm for the traditional craft, these local brewers are making their mark not just in Perthshire but across the country and beyond.

So make ready your picnic blanket and pop in to see our range of craft beers to suit every palate from the UK’s first light craft beer to chocolate-toned (yes, that’s right!) Imperial Stouts.

Abernyte Brewery

Those beer makers at Abernyte Brewery pride themselves on the technical details. And we’re glad of it! Established in 2016, the brewery overlooks the River Tay and their step mashed beers are brewed in very small batches. Step mashed you cry?! This traditional, unrushed process allows them to modify the finished taste and feel on the palate and only uses time to clarify and condition their beer. Unfiltered, vegan friendly and with a slew of titillating titles from Kinnoull Red IPA to Listening Post Pilsner, this is beer drinking we can all feel good about!

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Wasted Degrees 

They left the day jobs and university degrees to start a brewery in Pitlochry and our taste buds salute them for it. All hail Chipotle Porter, Hopped Up IPA and Pale Ale not to mention characterful limited editions marrying local ingredients and influences. With a passion for delicious and authentic craft beer, Wasted Degrees was born from an opportunity to do things differently and to put quality before quantity. Inspired by how craft beer makes its own rules, they have been creating, collaborating and innovating their way through beer-making since 2016.

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Cullach Brewing

Fancy aromas of citrus and apricot along with hints of spice and pine in your Double IPA? This bold, hoppy brew is the first from recently established Perth brewery, Cullach Brewing. Produced in small batches using traditional methods, their aim is to craft lip-smacking beers to satisfy all thirsts. Expect dark coffee, chocolate and biscuit tones in their second outing - Imperial or Impy Stout. And with a subtler Pale Ale in production for summer 2019 there is certainly something for everyone.

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Strathbraan Brewery

It’s a true family affair at the Dunkeld based Strathbraan Brewery with all hands on deck at the custom built brewery on the the grounds of their farm. There’s bags of expertise in this family, notably a background in the manufacture of microbiological culture media (a process which has many similar steps to brewing) but their enthusiasm for beer is the true driver. Pick out one of their range – from Due South, a classic pale ale with slight citrus flavours or the traditional bitter Head East with a floral aroma – and taste family enthusiasm for yourself!

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Gen!us Brewing

Attention smart drinkers! With less calories than an apple and only one unit of alcohol per can, Gen!us is the UK’s first light craft beer. Zesty and refreshing, its makers want to make responsible drinking a pleasure without compromising on taste. A health-focused brand involved with a wide variety of sport, this beer is designed for modern drinkers who are thinking about waistlines and that all important morning after feeling. We’re in!

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