New Kids On The Block February 27, 2018 18:42

If you've been following our tales of years gone by, you'll know that there are some products that have stood the test of time - the classics as it were.  This blog celebrates the more recent additions to the shelves of PB (we say recent... we mean in the past 5 years!) that have proved to be every bit as popular with all our lovely customers.  

There's cheese (obvs!), ham, nibbles and gin... what more do you need I ask myself!? Add a Netflix binge-worthy series and that's the perfect weekend in right there!

Godminster Cheddar

This vintage, organic cheese is a real favourite with our customers – and it’s not difficult to see why! Covered in a distinctive burgundy wax and matured for up to twelve months, this soft and creamy cheddar has a rich depth of flavour without the acidity that is sometimes associated with vintage cheddar cheeses.

With no artificial preservatives, the award-winning Godminster Cheddar is certified as organic by the Soil Association and is available in store today!

Veroni Italian Ham

This Italian ham with rosemary is part of a range that has been produced in Italy by the Veroni family since 1925. The high-quality of Veroni’s ham is evident in every slice, each containing the perfect balance between the artisan expertise of their master cold cuts makers and cutting-edge nutritional methods.

In short, when you try this delicious Italian cured meat you won’t be able to stop at just one slice – it’s that good!

Peter’s Yard Crispbread

In Sweden, crispbread can often be found at the heart of the dinner table and was introduced to the Scandinavian region back in the 1500s. It is often used as an alternative to bread and tastes delicious when topped with cheese, salmon or jam. Peter’s Yard Crispbread is made in the UK but using the original Swedish recipe; natural ingredients including Shipton Mill organic flour, organic fresh milk and Peter’s Yard’s own precious sourdough (fed daily!) and fermented for up to 16 hours before being baked. Officially one of our team's favourite items!

Pea Green Boat – Cheese Sablés

Made to an original family recipe, Pea Green Boat’s Cheese Sablés are made using the best of Scottish and British produce with a little bit of help from the continent. Using Scottish mature cheddar from Mull of Kintyre, organic flour grown and milled in East Lothian and proper British butter, they are all mixed with freshly grated, 24-month-aged parmesan from Italy to create this tasty treat!

The Sablés are handmade and mouth-wateringly cheesy. A word of warning though... you will NEVER stop at one. But you can buy two packs!

Edinburgh Gin – Rhubarb and Ginger

This sweet and sharp flavoured gin is a massive hit with the customers and can be enjoyed in a wide variety of cocktails or with a mixer of your choice. The rhubarb marries together with the ginger to create a tasty treat for the nose and palate, with a distinctive spice and warm finish.

If you’ve not tried this famous pairing then make sure you pick up a bottle or two and let us know what you think – we’re sure you won’t be disappointed!