New and Additional Services During The Coronavirus Lockdown March 27, 2020 15:51

They do say that necessity is the mother of invention and now that we're in Phase 3 and easing the restrictions, we're beginning to think of all the ways we can continue to bring our special brand of friendly service and great ingredients to you!

The really good news is that as a small, family run business we have been able to adapt quickly to our 'new normal' and have come up with ways to help you stay topped up with PB goodies during this difficult time. 

Here's what we think you need to know:

  1. We are open! Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm. Closed Sunday.

  2. We have full shelves! We have a huge variety of store cupboard essentials and chilled goods including our famed cheese selection, fabulous wines from ONLY £6.99, pasta, sauces and treats like chocolates and biscuits. 

    Keep an eye on the blog for up to date items and stock levels >>>

    Browse our online shop for a few select items (please note, at this time we're offering far more than you see here so do ask if you'd like something you don't see.)

    If you're new to Provender Brown and unsure of our range, have a click onto the virtual tour or head over to our Facebook page for regular updates. Failing all of that, drop us an email with what you'd like - think well stocked deli for ideas - and we'll let you know if it's possible.

  3. There are currently no restrictions on our stock: Whilst we are asking everyone to be mindful of what they buy - our suppliers are happy to keep us stocked up at the moment so there's no need to stock pile - we're not going to stop you buying 6 bottles of wine or 4 bars of chocolate!  (Imagine if we rationed the cheese and gin?!)

  4. We've created the PB Grocery Box: To make things easy, or for those of you shopping for a relative, we've created a perfect little grocery box. 

    Whilst we are aware that these items may not be part of a typical list of essentials, we also know that your usual small treats are going to help make this difficult time a little more bearable.

    This quick and easy-to-order pack comes in a plain box rather than our usual hampers and offers you a dinner options, lunch fillings for sandwiches or baked potatoes, breakfast items, light snacks and a couple of treats!

    We've tried to include items that will make life indoors a wee bit happier whilst being tasty to eat with a long shelf life. If you'd like to add anything to this, please just ask when ordering and we'll do our very best.


  5. We can offer personal delivery within Perth.  Fridays only. £20 minimum order - only £3.50 of free on orders over £100. Orders must be with us by 3pm on the previous day.

  6. Courier service. We will continue to post goods out to you via Royal Mail or DPD for as long as they continue to run. While we will put everything on a “next day” service some couriers are overstretched at the moment so it may take a little longer than usual.

  7. 'At The Door' pick up service. If you can drive down, we'll gladly bring your order to the door or your car and leave it at a safe distance for you to pick up. For those who can, please choose this option to free up our time to deliver to our more vulnerable customers.

  8. How to order. Orders should be emailed wherever possible at the moment - If you don't have access to email, please call before 3pm. Please include a contact number and we will call for payment when the order is ready.

When ordering for collection or delivery:

Please do this by email rather than phone wherever possible. As the shop is still open but with fewer team members working we are finding we don't always get to the phone. However, all emails will be picked up at 3pm Monday to Saturday. 

The further you can plan and place orders ahead of time, the more likely it is that we can fulfill all of your requests.

Please include all relevant information:

  • Quantities. We understand that you may not always know weights of cheeses but even if you can ask for it in centimetres ie how big a piece would you like, then we can work it out from there!  For things like hams we can do it by slice.
  • Tell us when you want to collect - please give at least 24 hours notice
  • If to be delivered then the full delivery address and phone number
  • If a gift then any message you would like us to include

When Visiting The Shop:

Having spoken to the team we have all decided that with very strict guidelines in place we should try to stay open as long as possible. Therefore, for the time being - unless something changes - we are committed to staying open with a request that all customers follow the strict government guidelines and our additional measures to keep staff and safe as laid out below.

☑️Please wear a mask
☑️Only 3 people at a time in the deli.
☑️If you need to wait outside, please maintain a distance of 2m between yourself and other customers.

☑️Please use the hand sanitiser just inside the door as you enter
☑️Stay at least two meters from our staff and other customers
☑️Pay by card and preferably using contactless. Note that payments using Apple or Android Pay are not restricted to £30 in the same way as contactless card payments.