Mymouné - Our Lebanese Favourite! February 1, 2019 13:26

We do love to feature talented artisan producers from across the world, and Mymouné from Lebanon is one of our favourites. You may recognise them as having been featured in Nigel Slater’s Middle East series on BBC last year - do check out his page for recipes including: 

Rice pudding – We have the rosewater, orange blossom water and rose petals. We also rose petal jam – not mentioned in the recipe but would be great served with it.

Fattoush – We stock the pomegranate molasses and the sumac.

Za’atar chicken – We have the za’atar, and also recommend that you try using our El Navarrico pre-cooked chickpeas (garbazos) – you’ll be amazed how delicious they are.


At the foot of Lebanon’s Mount Sannine rests the picturesque village of Ain El Kabou. This is where Mymoune harvest their all-natural specialties, such as jams, preserves, seasonings, flower waters, and other products.

The lushness of the Lebanese soil, paired with the Mediterranean weather, bears exceptional fruits which are rich in colour and flavour. All of the ingredients are handpicked and individually selected for the best possible taste – a process which has earned Mymoune a reputation of unparalleled quality over the years.

We are delighted to confirm that we are now stocking the following: 

Pomegranate molasses: The prince of seasonings, containing nothing but pomegranates!  The juice is boiled down through a fine process to a thick, sweet edged savoury concentrate with a subtle sour flavour.  Very versatile, adds depth and flavour to meat casseroles, duck and chicken, soups, marinades an salad dressings.

Rosewater: Damask roses are distilled drop by drop in traditional stills to release their intense natural aroma.  Nothing else is added

Orange blossom water: As above but orange blossom flowers.

Mulberry Syrup – Use as a topping for pancakes and desserts, or dilute with water for a delicious all-natural drink

Whole figs in syrup – Makes an ideal instant dessert and adds a fabulous twist to cheese or salads

Fresh fig jam – Wonderful paired with goats cheese, foie gras or cold cuts

Sundried fig jam with walnuts – Hand picked and sundried green honey figs cooked with walnuts for added crunch.

Mulberry jam – Prepared with a whopping 80g of fruit per 100g.  Great for topping tarts, ice cream or milk puddings.

Rose Petal Jam – made using a rare kind of damask rose, picked before dawn to avoid their aroma being compromised by the Mediterranean sun.  Pairs nicely with white cheese or as a cheesecake topping.

Sumac – Pure sumac, with no additives.  Lemony and zesty, it makes a useful condiment that compliments fish, chicken, salads and vegetables.  Sprinkle on eggs, stir into rice or use in marinades.

Za’atar – A natural flavourful combination of wild thyme, sesame seeds and sumac.  Mix with olive oil and use as a dip with fresh bread or spread on flatbread or pizza dough and put in the oven for a few minutes.

Bitter orange peel in sugar – A delicious treat, just as it is.

Lemon peel in sugar - See above!