Mungoswells Farm Milled Flour May 29, 2017 16:37

There's often quite a bit of deliberation when it comes to stocking new products; quality and provenance come top of the list for us here at Provender Brown and we hope you agree that we've been fortunate to source some of the best ingredients and artisan produce from across the Perthshire, Scotland, the wider UK and mainland Europe. 

It does mean from time to time we have 'holes' in our offering - missing items that we just can't seem to match to our exacting standards. One such product is a truly local flour.  Finding a Scottish mill that uses only locally sourced wheat has been a tricky challenge and so when we came upon Mungoswells, situated in East Lothian, we just had to try it out.

The McDowall family bought Mungoswells in 1920 from Hopetoun Estates and moved from Galloway in 1924  to their arable farm just north of Haddington in the ‘bread-basket’ county of East Lothian. Angus McDowall, the current farmer, recently built a small maltings to convert barley grown at the farm into malt for making beer, whisky and other food ingredients. Whilst doing this he also installed a flour mill to make fully-traceable flour for breadmaking and baking.

All of the flour is produced using wheat that is grown locally and which is stored, milled and packed on the farm. In fact, it leaves Mungoswells with less than 5 food miles on the clock and with only another 60 miles to reach us here in Perth, we're confident this is as local as we'll get!  

We caught up with Angus for a chat:

"We ended up with the mill as a bit of an accident to be honest - I'm a farmer rather than a miller! It started slowly but has built up to being really busy.  That comes with its own challenges though and for the past two and half years we've had to make decisions about everything from how we bag to what we grow.  

We've made great progress. We bought in some rye from Perthshire last year but expect our own crop this September but everything else - wheat, spelt and oats - is grown right here at Mungoswells. We've had a lot of really good word of mouth recommendations which for me are the best form of advertising you can get!"

So what of the quality and taste? Well, we had Paula test it out in a delicious batch of homebaking and we're delighted to say, she gave it a big thumbs up!  

The farm is accredited to SQC Standards and part of the land is certified organic which grants the family an Organic Processing Certificate and also allows them to make a comprehensive range of flours that are both organic and non-organic.

Unlike commercial white flour, Mungowells has small darker flecks in it - don't worry, there's nothing wrong! These are tiny particles of bran, the outer protective skin on a grain of wheat which contains more protein and fibre and adds flavour. And when it comes to the wholemeal flours, you'll find they take nothing out nor do they put anything in.

Provender Brown is now stocking the non-organic range. Drop in and you'll find:

  • Self-Raising
  • Plain
  • Strong Bread
  • Extra Strong Bread
  • Wholemeal Strong Bread