Madderty Micro Flavoured Gins July 30, 2017 15:35

We're always super excited to discover new products here at Provender Brown, and when those products happen to be (a) Gin and (b) made in Perthshire our enthusiasm reaches fever-pitch!  

That's exactly what happened when we heard from Russell - or Wally Wonka as he is affectionately known to his friends.  Russell has been in the drinks industry for over twenty years and spotted a gap in the gin market for a good quality flavoured gin - NOT another 20% ABV liqueur, but a full strength gin packed full of taste.  What a great idea we thought - and promptly ordered in a box, signing him up to the Wee G & T Festival as we did so!

What better way to bring you the news than to ask the man himself, what Madderty Micro is all about, how it differs from the other hundred or so gins that we stock and what his plans are for this delicious creation! 

Russell had this to say when we caught up with him:

"Madderty Micro is committed to something quite different in the world of gin. We want to focus on the qualities and traditions of the past that made liqueur gins so popular in households the country over. Today, sadly, to be a "liqueur" you must water down a delicious spirit. We didn't really want to do that so instead, we've spent the last year perfecting some recipes that create something closer in spirit to my mum's own Sloe Gin which I first tried a few years back.  At the time, I had presumed I wouldn't like it and so when it transpired that I absolutely loved it, I was gobsmacked - and inspired!

The core difference between us and the main competition is that we slow-infuse our fruits and create a full strength (37.5% ABV) gin just like my mum's. Of course, on the way to this final product I needed to develop the perfect gin to serve as the base. It needed to be light on juniper and strong on citrus but with a little something else - a third dimension if you like. What we created was the Madderty Micro Nudist Gin - and as a by-product, my alter ego, Wally Wonka! So called due to the fact that I had amused my friends and family with hundreds of versions, recipes and combinations.

I didn't have the budget to take all of these tests to full distillation in a still so instead I adopted and grew to love the cold compounding or bathtub method. (Also known as bootleg style in our house!)  I have to say, I found it to be a far more creative way to inject the flavour and profiles that I was looking for in my creations and it allowed me greater flexibility when using more delicate flavours.  

With the base perfected, we added a variety of simple Scottish fruits, often picked straight from the hedgerows, to make our core flavours and some limited edition seasonal flavours. These include the Blueberry, Raspberry, Rhubarb Crumble, Blackcurrant, Strawberry & Chocolate Mint and our Foragers' Elderflower.

When we started to think about launching these and bringing them to the public we wanted to keep our partners select; regional, independent and committed to the same level of quality as we pride ourselves in. I was delighted that Provender Brown would be our first retail partner and I think it's the perfect home in Perth City for our amazing gins. I cannot thank Diane and her team enough for their support of what we have created."

We can't thank Russell enough for bringing this great product to our shelves. Pop in for a sample when you're next in town - we think you'll agree his Mum's inspiration has gone a long way!