Father's Day Gift Ideas June 2, 2018 09:27

We do love our Dads, but if you are anything like us, the mere mention of Father’s Day - falling on Sunday 17th June this year - sets off a reaction that can only be described as an internal groan. Dads are notoriously hard to buy for and so we decided to help you all out this June by  coming up with the perfect Father’s Day foodie gift ideas so that you don’t have to!  

Read on for your one stop guide to becoming the favourite child. (For a day anyway!)

A little (or big) hamper – filled with all of Dads favourites – Variable (£)

Whether he’s a chilli-head, a cheese-fiend or a Gordon Ramsay wannabe, just give us a brief and a budget, let us take care of the rest and he’ll thank you over and over.

A gift set of 3 Abernyte Brewery Step Mashed Beers - £9.99

If Dad loves beer (and we’re willing to bet he does) then he will love these Step Mashed Beers from Abernyte Brewery. Using only time to clarify and condition their beer, Dad is sure to appreciate the fresh, crisp taste. These beers are also vegan friendly.

Platter of meats, cheeses and antipasti - £15 (Serves 2)

We can’t think of anything better than an exquisite selection of the best cured meats, cheeses and antipasti and we’ll bet Dad can’t either. For extra brownie points, pair this with a nice bottle of wine from our selection.

Bottle of Solway Spirits Banoffee Rum - £33

Solway Spirits' Banoffee Rum is a full bodied rum that has been blended with bananas and toffee for a smooth, slightly sweet but extremely warming drink. Dad will definitely appreciate a wee tipple of this after a long hard week.

Provender Brown Gift Card

Dilemma: You’ve decided you want to get Dad some delicious treats from Provender Brown. You come into the store and suddenly you realise, our selection is huge and you can’t possibly make your mind up what to buy.

Solution: Provender Brown Gift Card

Father's Day 2018 – Done!