Cindy's Teas Joins Provender Brown September 28, 2016 16:44

Hi Everyone,

It’s true that here at Provender Brown we’re well known for our love of a good quality red wine or a perfectly poured gin.  However, what you might not know is that we do actually partake in non-alcoholic beverages as well…  In fact, on a day to day basis we drink endless cups of tea; many a VAT return has been filed on the strength of a decent pot of Earl Grey!

We were delighted therefore, to be approached by the wonderful Cindy Ledgerwood, a women for whom tea has become a way of life.  The aptly named ‘Cindy’s Teas’ was relaunched a couple of months ago so some of you may know her blends from their previous life as Miss IntegriTea.    Her infusions contain whole herbs and spices, to retain the essential oils and rich, full-bodied flavours which are often lost in teabags.

Cindy has designed a range of delicious herbal, loose-leaf teas that have been created to combine both flavour and purpose.   So, what does that mean exactly?

“Well, I’m a medical herbalist so I understand a lot about what herbs do, especially for health purposes.  First and foremost, my teas taste amazing – clean, fresh and flavourful. Very importantly, they’re also effective, and contain no hidden nasties such as sugar or flavourings.

Our mission is to use pharmaceutical quality herbs to blend delicious tea to relieve everyday ailments such as insomnia, tummy problems, and skin conditions, along with teas which can be enjoyed all day, every day to promote health and well-being.”

As a child, Cindy travelled to many far-flung corners of the world living in both Indonesia and Hong Kong and it was here that she experienced traditional medicine and herbal wisdom first hand.

 She went on to complete a degree in Psychology & Neuroscience at Manchester University but on graduating entered the world of banking. So far so completely unpredictable!  It was while traveling as a grown up though, that she began studying for a degree in Herbal Medicine and since then she has also completed an Aromatherapy and Chinese Medicine diploma and Bach Remedy courses.

She then put her learning into practice by developing her own herb tea blends based on infusions she’d experienced in India, Egypt, Japan, the Philippines, Mexico and elsewhere.   The rest, as they say, is history!

“I started out hand-blending and sewing bags shut, trading from farmers markets across Scotland.  The response at my first big show, Dundee Flower Show, was immense, and I’ve not looked back since!”

The recipes have their origins in traditional medicine and folk wisdom, with a modern twist. Some are designed for specific purposes – like the wonderfully dreamy Deep Sleep Tea - while others are blended for all-day, every day enjoyment like Ruby Mint and Lemony Ginger.

The range has grown in size and reputation and now offers 14 blends of delicious teas.  Provender Brown is delighted to be stocking seven of these as well as handy little infusers and make-your-own teabags.

Much in the same way that true coffee lovers became hooked on freshly ground beans, so too is the loose-leaf tea movement growing.  The idea that it is more hassle and too much mess is as dated as instant granules; the difference in flavour more than outweighs the few seconds it takes to knock your used leaves into the brown bin!
  • Ruby Mint
  • Deep Sleep
  • Lemony Ginger
  • Flowers of Scotland
  • Relax With Poppy
  • Mint Sencha
  • Cooling Sage

And boy do Cindy’s Teas come packed with flavour! After winning numerous Great Taste awards, and the prestigious Scottish EDGE award for entrepreneurship and innovation, Cindy’s vision is to bring modern herbal teas to a new generation of discerning tea lovers. 

If you’d like to find out what all the fuss is about then drop into see us for Cindy's Tasting Day, coming soon, or pick up a pack next time you’re in and get brewing!

Happy Slurping!