Chocolates Worthy Of Our Name February 01, 2016 21:13

Here at Provender Brown we love a chocolate. 

That in itself probably isn’t a huge revelation but what you may not know is that we have our own collection of bespoke Provender Brown Chocolates that have been created for us by the wonderfully talented Gill Lyth of Stuart & Swan.

Provender Brown Handmade Bespoke ChocolatesWe’ve worked with Gill for a number of years as she used to have a chocolate retail business that supplied us really good quality, high-end chocolates. However, a couple of years ago Gill decided to concentrate on her first love, stepping out of retail so she could pour her heart and soul into developing bespoke collections for people like us.

Gill trained as an apprentice chocolatier (how much do you want to pack it all in and run off and do that?!) some ten years ago and since then she has grown in skill and stature, producing the finest bespoke chocolates with creativity, taste and integrity at their heart.  It was this commitment to detail and quality that made choosing to work with Gill so easy; we knew she’d produce a collection worthy of the Provender Brown name.

Gill had this to say about the whole process:

“The commissioning process is one of partnership. You bring your vision, story and brand. We bring creativity, skill, experience and outstanding ingredients to create a bespoke chocolate product that fits you like a tailored suit.”

It has to be said, after the first few rounds of tasting, there was no way a tailored suit would have gone anywhere near us!  Gill’s chocolates are simply divine; little drops of heavenly ingredients encased in beautifully decorated, glossy chocolate coats.   

We ran with the first collection for our reopening back in July and such has been the success of this we’re about to launch collection number two just in time for Valentine’s day on Friday 12th February.

Some of this second range was introduced at our Wine and Chocolate Tasting back in September; those of you who were there will recall, I’m sure, the amazingly intense flavour combinations.  We did wonder how she’d top our first collection but once again Gill has produced a box that balances spices with florals, salty with sweet to give a truly unique taste sensation that will impress even the most discerning of chocolate lovers’ palettes.

Provender Brown Bespoke Chocolates: Collection 2

  • Orange Blossom
  • Port & Cherry
  • Spiced Truffle
  • Rose
  • Salted Caramel
  • Hazelnut & Praline

We’d tell you our favourite but it really is an impossible ask… it would be like picking out our favourite child! We stock Provender Brown Bespoke Chocolates in boxes of six (£7.99) or twelve (£14.99) and would advise anyone looking for a truly indulgent Valentine’s Gift to be quick to the shelves on February 12th!

Now, where did I leave that sample box…?