Salar Smoked Salmon Returns! October 28, 2015 17:30

Hello Everyone,

I thought this month you might like to meet one of the many producers who stock the shelves of Provender Brown. All of our customers know, I’m sure, that provenance is at the heart of what we do.  Working with small, artisan producers means that we know for certain our suppliers’ produce is raised or grown ethically and meets the high standards you’ve come to expect from Provender Brown.

Salar Smoked SalmonThis approach also allows us to efficiently answer any one of the multitude of questions you might decide to ask us.  And if we don’t know the answer there and then, it is only ever a phone call away.  

Of course, when you’ve worked like this as long as we have then you build as many friends as you do business contacts. I feel very fortunate here in Scotland then, to work with some of the loveliest, most talented producers around.

One such producer is Salar Smoked Salmon, a brand we have been proud to stock for many years.  Imagine our disappointment then, when we heard it was up for sale at the start of 2015.  

However, the move was more a simple shift in ownership rather than a shift in ethos and Iain MacRury, the new owner, re-employed five of the original, extremely talented team, to help him relaunch this wonderful brand.

Here’s their story which I hope will explain why we love it so much, and couldn’t wait to introduce it back to our PB shelves. Enjoy!

Salar opened as a small business in South Uist in about 1987, with the original owner designing and building his own unique kilns. Their award winning Flaky Smoked Salmon went on to win numerous awards and in 2008 the smokehouse was purchased by Loch Duart Ltd, who you will know as a producer of Scottish farmed salmon. They continued to produce fantastic products and over the years added new items to the range.

Salar is situated in the one of world’s most beautiful and unspoilt locations, South Uist, off the West Coast of Scotland.  As part of the Hebridean Archipelago the island is home to wonderful scenery and an abundance of wild life, including sea eagles, otters, and wild deer.  All six of the high-skilled salmon smokers are local to South Uist and it is perhaps this natural, easy synergy with the island that makes their product so damn tasty.

Here at provender Brown we have always found Salar to be one of the best Smoked Salmon products on offer  - particularly the original Flaky – and we know that their attention to detail starts before the fish have even seen a kiln!  They source only the highest quality Atlantic salmon (Salmo Salar) which has been reared in the clear waters off the coast of Scotland by Scottish salmon producers.

Their products is then produced in small batches in their unique hand built kilns following the top secret recipe.  Cooked this way, smoked salmon retains all the natural omega 3 oils and nutrients and produces the succulent but firm texture we’ve come to know and love.

Smoked salmon omletteTheir website says “Our processes are simple and old fashioned in a way, handmade throughout the process, ensuring each portion is handled with pride and quality.  It takes years of experience and patience to master this process, one that cannot be rushed.”

Since the relaunch they have returned to the original processes believing this would further improve the quality of our products.  They’re not wrong either! They’ve also reduced the salt content which was sometimes mentioned by today’s more health-conscious customers.  

You’ll see when you pop in that they’ve updated their packaging and labels but take it from us, it’s the same tasty, Scottish Smoked Salmon underneath there and if anything, a little better for its rest. They’ve also added a fab recipes section to the website and there are some wonderful ideas for fancy dinner party starters and simple mid-week suppers. Have a look here at their smoked salmon recipes.

Pop in and have a chat if you'd like to know more or pick up a pack with your next lot of PB shopping - you'll be very glad you did!

Diane X