Independents' Day Discounts! June 20, 2015 11:50

As one of Perth's long-standing Indies we're passionate about supporting small, local businesses just like us. That's why we're right behind the National campaign to bring awareness to shopping local. 

Independents' Day 2015 falls on Saturday July 4th and we have a fantastic day of discounts waiting for you!

  • There will be 20% off of everything throughout the store (excluding spirits... we have to be responsible!) and we'll be offering little tasters of different PB favourites to tempt you into buying more! 
  • We also have a fantastic 50% off island, where you can grab a bargain on gourmet gifts, tasty little treats and other nibbles. 

If you're a regular PB shopper then we'd love to see you and offer you the chance to pick up your foodie favourites with this little added incentive. And if you've never been before then this is the perfect day to give us a try!

There are a whole host of Perth Indies running special shopping events like ours and you can find out more over on Small City, Big Personality. While you're there, why not cast a vote for us in the Independent Retailer Awards... Go on, you know we're worth it! 

VOTE FOR Provender Brown Here!  

Find out more about Perth's all year round, local celebration of shopping local with the #PerthLoveFest.