We Are Open! June 19, 2015 17:05


It has been a very long, very stressful two months but we've made it one piece! in fact, we've made it in a newer, shinier, better piece with a larger back shop, coffee bar in the window and an even bigger selection of artisan and gourmet goodies for you to choose from.

I also decided to splash out a little and we bought these funky, new caged-shelving units that I've had my eye on. They look great and they're really flexible for display. 

It started with a leak, it turned into an under-floor board nightmare and it ended up a full refurb! Every cloud has a silver lining though, and here at Provender Brown we live by the mantra that you can't keep a good woman down. So after an initial round of tears (me... anyone who knows me will expect this as standard) we pulled out the positive attitudes and resourceful natures and made a list of all the things we've been thinking of doing for a very long time.

We started by re-jigging the back shop. Some smart jigging around has meant a good bit of extra space has opened things up even more than we'd hoped for. It means we've been able to have a re-shuffle and pull in those gorgeous Oils and Vinegars on tap that we've been drooling over for years.  

We added a Coffee Bar. Our sanctuary during the long days of refurb was our trusty coffee machine and a strong Java from The Bean Shop's finest roast!  Our coffee and tea takeaways are so popular (usually with a deli sandwich at lunch time!) with Perth city centre workers that we decided we'd add a bar for those who want to take the weight off their feet for ten minutes and maybe indulge in a pastry or a homemade cake! 

We made more chill space for Ready-To-Eat.  Gourmet style salads are coming your way very soon! perfectionists that we are, we want to taste a few first and as the priority has been laying floorboards, painting and dusting this hasn't quite happened yet. But just as a little flavour of what's to come how do you like the sound of Red Rice and Quinoa with Orange and Pistachio?

We've also extended our cooking area downstairs and we're planning some new soup flavours, ready-meal dinners and even more quiches, cakes and bakes. I can't wait for the tasting to begin!

We're Adding Fruit & Veg. For years I've wanted to bring fruit and veg to PB but there simply hasn't been the space.  I'm talking about local dirty carrots and onions with the seasonal Perthshire harvests topping up our basic supplies. I've also sourced some unusual items from further afield and where we can, we'll also be bringing you seasonal items from mainland Europe. Another one that's not quite finalised but should be by the end of August. 

We have been truly humbled by the amount of well wishes and 'we miss you' posts that we've had since we closed and its reminded us all that you, our customers, are the reason we get up every day and open our doors. We've also missed you - and I am delighted to be returning, bigger, better and with even more reason for you to love us.

Hope to see you very soon, 

Diane and the PB gang X