Cheese Wedding Cakes May 31, 2016 10:37

Hi Everyone,

Yes - you did read that correctly. We're chatting about cheese wedding cakes!  These have grown hugely in popularity in the last few years and we're now being asked for them more and more.

They are a fantastic alternative to the traditional sweet cake and are perfect for cheese-lovers, gluten free people and those who prefer the savoury side of life.  Of course, you can order them for any occasion but when you see the gorgeous tall stacks of cheese, you will immediately picture them as a bridal centre piece. 

If you'd like to find out more then drop into the shop and we'll be happy to advise you on varieties, size, quantity and depth of cheese.  Do leave a few months clear if you can as we'll order in whole cheeses especially for your 'cake'.  On average, costs will work out at approximately £2 to £2.50 per head depending on the varieties you choose.  We can also arrange biscuits, oatcakes and accompaniments should you wish.

We don't do the decoration (we know where our strengths lie!) but if you ask your florist or an arty friend you will find that its very easy for them to create a stunning show-stopper effect with flowers, fruit and small decorations.

Do call us or drop in to find out more; we guarantee it will be the talk of the Big Day!

Diane and the PB Team