Pump Street Chocolate May 31, 2016 10:14

Hi Everyone,

Pump Street ChocolateEvery now and then a product comes along that we just have to stock and this month's essential addition was the amazing Pump Street Chocolate from the Suffolk based Pump Street Bakery. 

This is unique, award-winning, bean to bar chocolate which, along with only a few other UK producers, they make as small batch, handmade chocolate bars from beans imported directly to them from family farms and cooperatives around the world.

They will then hand select the beans and carefully roast, winnow, grind and conch them for up to 5 days before maturing and tempering the chocolate into bars.  This obsessive care and attention to detail produces a chocolate that is entirely manufactured in the UK and unbelievably delicious.

They spent two years sourcing their beans before they launched the chocolate and they are constantly searching for new farms and co-operatives to work with.

They are currently working with beans from four sources:

They have been inundated with awards, as you'd expect and their chocolate has been recognised by the International Chocolate Awards, the Academy of Chocolate and the Great Taste Awards. It also has a huge thumbs up from the entire team at Provender Brown!

Drop in to try some of the amazing flavours including:

- Rye Crumb Milk with Sea Salt
- Sour Dough Sea Salt
- Madagascar Milk
- Honduras Single Origin
- Grenada Single Origin

      Diane and the Team